Saturday, January 29, 2011

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    Imagine how much this means to me.:

    You probably don't remember me but I took 9th grade biology from you at Central West in 1983. You were one of my favorite teachers of all time and I still use some of the lessons you taught me to this day. I am a Captain of a large utility boat that services oil platforms in the Gulf and my knowledge... of science is invaluable at times. Glad to see you are doing well!

On January 31, 1861,the State of Louisiana seized the The United States Branch Mint on the corner of Esplanade & Decatur Streets in New Orleans near the French Market.It was later turned over to the Confederacy which struck only four half dollar coins before being ordered to cease production. The front of this coin is exactly like an 1861 U.S. half dollar with the reverse design having a shield with seven stars, representing the seceding states(S.C.,FL,MS,AL,GA,LA,TX); above the shield is a liberty cap, and entwined around it stalks of sugar cane and cotton. The reverse inscription is CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA above and HALF DOL. below the shield.


Tuesday will mark the 150th anniversary of Texas seceding from the Union. Governor Sam Houston,who was married to Margaret Lea of Marion & was a cousin of John McKee,Tuscaloosa's first U.S. Representative, refused to swear allegiance to the Confederacy and had to vacate the governor's office. In his last public speech, Houston prophesied disaster,"The die has been cast by your secession leaders, whom you have permitted to sow & broadcast the seeds of secession, and you must ere long reap the fearful harvest of conspiracy and revolution."

If this "politically incorrect" map of Alabama & Georgia offends you, just go ahead & unfriend me rite now 'cause I'm about chop this baby up & post the hell out of it!






Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hey y'all~

Won't be goin' nowhere this weekend.
Recovering from another "minor procedure" but it ain't 'nair nuttin' but a thang, nuttin' but a chikin wang hangin' by a strang down by burger kang smokin' a kewl filter kang...

It beezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze dat way sometime.
nuttin' but the world...

AIN'T THAT SOMETHIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce Mercer did you count the birds?

Zane Kesey got a documentary about him fambly entered in SUNDANCE...

In many ways it can be argued that THE EUFAULA REGENCY was as radical for slavery as THE SECRET SIX in Boston was for abolition. Well, Saturday, January 29, will mark the 150th anniversary of the day THE REGENCY met their WATERLOO. Kansas came into the Union as A FREE STATE!!!!!!!!!!

Now what in the world would possess someone to name a church ROCKBABYLON in Dixon Mills,Alabama in 1866?!!!! Well, I googled rockbabylon & got no results but Google gave me the 6,590,000 results for ROCK BABYLON & I discovered the origins for Marilyn Manson's quest to corrupt all the youth of the world.

Michael Hartzog that is quite a SEARCH robert!!! great job!!

Here's a portion of the perfect,undamaged shells I picked up on Pelican Island Sunday. They include a huge barnacle,"egg" shells,cockles,scallops & clams. It's hard not to believe the OIL GUSHER didn't have something to do with all these fresh shells washing up on the beach.
Here's an excellent link to what archaeologists have discovered concerning the use of shells by the Indians in Texas.

  • William Alford when i was a little kid watching mario on sat evening wtvy and the announcer would say, "he was throwed out of the ring on the hard terrazzo tile floor!", i thought he was saying "the hard-to-'rassle' tile floor". always wondered why it was so hard to 'rassle out there.

Since Jan. 26 is the 28th anniversary of COACH BRYANT'S death, I got some inquiries by folks wanting to hear the song so I referred them to the preview function on CD BABY site that sells the CD which you can get to by clicking "CLICK HERE TO BUY" function on THE DAY BEAR BRYANT DIED website
You can hear a sampl...
e of the song by clicking on the arrow next to the song that's below "preview".

  • Robert Register YOU GOT IT, MY NINJA!
    Just keep baitin' that trotline & checkin' it evah day!

I had my "SPUTNIK MOMENT" the night Sputnik Monroe put me in the double sleeper hold during the 1963 Elks Father-Son banquet.

Paul Hornsby
Man, I don't even think music has ever been as exciting as wrasslin' was back in 1957. We watched TV Wrasslin' on Sat. at 5:30 WTVY
from Dothan. Then we'd (my Dad & I) would drive to Opp to see it live @ the national guard armory. Then, ...hurry home to see TV wrasslin' again from Mobile @ 10:30. I remember many matches getting cut off @ 12:00 AM because you couldn't wrassle on Sun.

In Savannah on January 26, 1861, both Ft. Jackson & Oglethorpe Barracks were taken by Georgia troops.

Buie, Nixo & Ole Ox's song made it into a movie called THE FIGHTER about low life Lowell, Massachusetts (Kerouac's home town). Fortunately, their song gave them credits in a movie now nominated for BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY, BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR, BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS, BEST EDITING, BEST DIRECTOR & BEST PICTURE.
Congratulations, dudes!

Here's the ST. ANDREWS BAY t-shirt tuned up with some color. I'm looking to find a sponsor for the back of either shirt. Hey, & we can print on demand but I don't know how profitable that will be but you can get some great sample shirts CHEAP!
After YOUR SHIRT succeeds, I wanna get sponsors from St. Marks to Grand Bay to print this type of geographically themed shirt of their part of the coast on the front & then their logo & website addy on the back.

My old yard sale camera wasn't able to get the color right but Sunday's sundown on Aloe Bay behind THE PELICAN PUB was SUPERB!

I just kept playing this Jimmy Cliff song in my head all weekend @ THE BEACH even though I was listening to OTIS LIVE ON THE SUNSET STRIP '66! Before the BP GUSHER in April I had spent 20 days @ the beach in twenty ten. I gittin' a pretty good jump on '11. Since Kritmuh, I been to the beach four times & walked to Land's End on Pelican Island 4 times.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011, marks the 150th anniversary of Louisiana seceding from the United States of America.

BIRDS, BIRDS & MO' BIRDS @ LAND'S END on Pelican Island, Alabama. Ft. Morgan is in the background on the horizon.

  • Robert Register

    Fletcher, I can see the guy getting killed RIGHT NOW clear as day in my mind's eye. The tube stem (LONGGGG stem) was at the bottom of the hub. Instead of being safe & getting over to the side of the tire & simply risk losing your hand, he kneeled down facing the split rim. The rim probably only popped out about 10 inches but if he'd been resting his head on the split rim...
    If you had a bad compressor, it took a LONG TIME to air up those tires.


      • Yea Man DONT START this GAME. JUST WAIT

  • Maybe WIGGINS has finally found his true calling...

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    George C. takes down MARIO GALENTO!

    Copy my address
    Click BELOW to listen to 41 TANTON tunes
    you paste
    back up off into & amongst yozzzzzzzzzzzzzz intranetzzzzzzzzzzz
    provider & suddenleezzzzzzzzzzzz you listening to TANTON
    while you surfing over 3200 posts from the past 8 years in ZERO, NOTEWEY FLAWDA on yo' 'puter.
    Here's the first post:

    THE FIGHTER trailer

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      Here I am @ THE SONGWRITER'S ROUNDTABLE back in Sept.
      Buie, Nixo & Ole Ox's song made it into a movie called THE FIGHTER about low life Lowell, Massachusetts (Kerouac's home town). Fortunately, their song gave them credits in a movie now nominated for BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY, BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR, BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS, BEST EDITING, BEST DIRECTOR & BEST PICTURE.
      Congratulations, dudes!
      Frank, get something up on youtube so I won't have to post this stuff!

    Oscar nominations: Amy Adams toughens up

    January 25, 2011 | 10:30 am

    "It’s a nice sound to wake up to the phone ringing on Oscar day," says Amy Adams of learning about her Oscar nomination as best supporting actress for "The Fighter," a nod she shares with co-star Melissa Leo. "I’m just so grateful to be in this film -– that’s the thing that’s most meaningful to me, that people were so passionate about getting it made."

    The role seems so out of character for the often sunny actress, how did she go about preparing for it?

    Director David O. Russell "actually had me watch 'Raging Bull' -– he wanted me to watch De Niro. He said he wanted me to be that tough."

    She did need to be tough. As Charlene, the fiancee of Mark Wahlberg's boxer character, who is heavily manipulated by his family, Adams had to stand up for herself -- and him.

    "Charlene is someone fighting to create a better life for herself and her man. She believes he has great potential and his family is holding him back."

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    These Arms of Mine