Friday, July 01, 2011

SMALL FACES made the cover of the July issue of UNCUT magazine out of the U.K. ~ OH! & Fette will 'preciate this, SEASICK STEVE's gotta ad @ the front of the mag on PAGE 16 where SEASICK STEVE be wearing a T shirt promoting a John Deere dealership located on HWY. 6 WEST, BATESVILLE, MISSISSIPPI 38606!!!! UNCUT costs ten bucks & I know the "ALL YOU CAN EAT FOR A DOLLAR" Neanderthalzzzz can't imagine paying that for a magazine but the CD that comes with it make it all wurt it!!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

image courtesy of the '70 Corolla~ THE COTTON PATCH before it burned in '75. Notice the waitress in the "controversial" uniform. The trade secret for the fried chicken recipe was frying the bird in PURE LARD!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BEN photo courtesy of Kathryn Tucker Windham.

Here's the statue of the cat you were named after in the square of LaGrange, hometown of your old buddy Chips Moman.

The Acadian flycatcher from ALABAMA BIRDS by Thomas Imhof

Looked through the window by the sink in this house off Crescent Ridge today & was sure I saw a tanager in the backyard. Ran to the truck for binoculars, got back & no tanager but some yellow bellied bird with a curved beak. Figured it was either an Acadian flycatcher or a yellow-billed cuckoo. On the Nature front, I were wrong 'bout the groundhogs being responsible for all the damage to the new plantings downtown. Look like we gotzzzzzzzzz URBAN ARMADILLOS to go along with our URBAN GROUNDHOGS.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

COUNTRY ROCKIN' OUT to do downtown in the CityFest lot on the 2400 block of University neck to dat big bank building @ the intersection of Univ. & Greensboro. $15 admission, $3 beer (THE Bud Girl is my nominee for MIZZZZZZZZZZZ UNIVERSE 2011) & 6 BUCKS for a pound of crawfish, 2 new potatoes & a little ear of corn. It ON LIKE A CHIKKIN BONE 'till 9:30 tonight! All proceeds from TUNES FOR TUSCALOOSA go to tornado relief. Y'ALL COME!!!!

MUCHAS to Paul Goddard for sending me these new shots of the NEW & IMPROVED Atlanta Rhythm Section which now includes THREE ORIGINAL MEMBERS ~ Dean Daughtry, Rodney Justo & Paul Goddard! They're playing a gig @ the SUNCOAST HOTEL & CASINO in VEGAS @ 7:30 TONIGHT!
Check out their website.