Friday, March 02, 2007

Hey y'all:

Please visit, copy, paste & send this address which has Enterprise video:


I'm sure a lot of y'all never heard of Sonny Grier but he was kinda a mentor of ours. Even though he was living in Montgomery (circa:'65) , he had Carolina connections that led him to push Soul Music in Montgomery & put together the Rockin' Gibraltars JAMES BROWN REVIEW.

The following email includes a link that will tell you about the condition of Sonny & his wife Lana's son, Ben:

Here’s a hyperlink to a web site set up for Ben Grier. I talked with Ben’s grandmother, and they are waiting for a donor heart. Ben just celebrated his 4th birthday, and has been at UAB for about a month. The web site has some medical info, pictures and a video of Ben in the hospital. I know Sonny and Lana would appreciate you putting the link on your website. Little Ben needs all our prayers. Thanks!


yes, they are passing away fast these days and a true tragedy at the high school.

Thursday, March 01, 2007



Hey y'all:

Sad day here in "Cuba, Alabama".

Our prayers go out to everyone who suffered through the tornados this afternoon. All of us Dothan Tigers have memories of Enterprise's football stadium located behind the high school. Remember Phillip Creel and Gary Martin? Jacquetta Taylor was one of my girlfriends in high school and she lived right down the street from the high school, just across from the Methodist Church where Reverend Asa Boozer preached. Brother Asa preached my Daddy's funeral.

Things won't ever be the same.

We here at "Cuba, Alabama" also lost three guys this week who meant a lot to us.

While I was in Panama City Saturday afternoon, I got a call from David Smith and he told me Willie Akridge, a veteran Dothan musician had passed away.

Our friend and partner in crime, Bill "Willie" Akridge passed last weekend.
Willie was a superhuman musician, and a local legend. He was a great friend and will be missed.
You can find his obit on the Dothan Eagle website...
Frank Tanton
Wednesday I got an email from Lynn Tobola informing me that a memorial service for Tommy Grace was to be held in Macon, Mississippi, on Saturday.
I have no details but I had no idea Tommy had passed away. Tommy was a native New Yorker who settled in Noxubee County. He always wanted me to come visit him and he promised to take me to Dancing Rabbit Creek and Nanih Waya, the Mother Mound of the Choctaws. I never got to take him up on the offer.
Picked up the paper this morning and found out that my favorite hardware salesman, Carey Arendale, fell over dead in his front yard Tuesday while cutting his grass. Carey grew up in a hundred year old house on University Boulevard located next door from where I sit right now. I will really miss his smiling face everytime I go into Anders over in Northport. He was buried this afternoon about the time the tornado hit Enterprise. Here's his obit:
On a positive note, y'all are all invited to my son's Eagle Scout award ceremony on Sunday. At 2 P. M. , John Christopher Young Register will be awarded his Eagle at Northport's St. Marks United Methodist Church on McFarland Boulevard in Northport.
Got a call from The Rockin' Gibraltars' Bobby Dupree this afternoon right at the height of the storm. He wanted Tommy "Swamp Man" Mann's email address because Bobby is serious about us putting together a Rockin' Gibraltars/K-OTICS/ James Gang reunion gig this summer. Let's get behind this thing and make it happen. It'll be a pain to put together but worth the 40 year wait!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


I'm taking off from my old boyhood room here on Mortgage Avenue and heading down to Cowarts to see how much water's in the Hog Farm pond; then on to Cottonwood to see my sister's family, then down to Blue Springs to see the new Jackson County Park, Hasty's Fish Camp, Spring Creek, etc. ; then to J. Michaels on Grand Lagoon for lunch.

I plan to visit the jetties, have a beer at Schooners and then drive 98 down to Laguna to check on some friends and visit Camp Alice on Phillips Inlet.

Gimme a call 205 239 5401



I'm pretty sure that # was the driver of &'s 'Vette in PC during AEA in 1970 and not *, who was the passenger. They had to have been going well over a hundred when they wiped out. It's a wonder * survived, and that # hung on for as long as he did.

I stayed almost every AEA from 1964 through 1971 at one of my Aunt's beach rentals along Thomas Drive, a couple of miles from the "Jetties."

Of course I spent more time cruising in my '65 Barracuda or my '63 Falcon Sprint convertible (bought from Hayden Prather for $600 in summer of 1969 when my sister went off to Auburn with the Barracuda) (mostly bumper to bumper) cruising ( probably had a hundred or so minor bumps from the rear over those years) the Miracle Strip than sleeping or eating, and it was almost always too windy and cold to actually go to the beach.

But, damn, wasn't it fun?

The Hangout, Long Beach Resort, sneaking under aged into the Red Rooster or the Old Dutch when the Dothan bands were playing.

J. H.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

8 of the 10 small bass I caught Sunday afternoon, February 25

Sunday, February 25, just before going fishing at the upper pond at The Hog Farm

images courtesy of Buddy Henry


image courtesy of

Believe it or not, I got back in town Sunday night so Karen, my property manager, was not required to tack my hide up on the side of the barn Monday morning as she promised to do if I did not show up at work by 8 A.M.

Got back to the office from Dothan between 9 and 10 Sunday night & immediately got on line to check my messages. When I checked my THE DAY BEAR DIED site , I saw that I had some folks requesting to be friends and , lo & behold, when I clicked to see who was there, I saw a picture of that son of a bitch Brad Vice who'd ripped Carl Carmer off so bad plagiarizing STARS FELL ON ALABAMA that the University of Georgia Press had to recall all the copies of his award winning first book and burn them!



I didn't want this thieving bastard to be my friend but seeing as how he was keeping the Bear's name out there in public with his book, I remembered Governor "Big Jim" Folsom's edict on negative publicity, "Just make sure you spell the name right!", so I clicked and made the plagiarist and professor of plagiarism at Mississippi State University, Brad Vice, my myspace friend.

Later on I visited his myspace profile and found that my Day Bear Died profile at
was Brad's #1 myspace friend!!!!

So I guess I'll forgive old Brad cause he's about to ride a wave of publicity next month when he releases his book for a second time.

But I ain't forgetting that BRAD VICE ripped another author off!

Betcha he mentions he stole shit from Carmer in this new edition!

image courtesy of

Cuba by Necessity and by Right should belong to the United States

"I frankly confess," wrote one of the founding fathers of the U.S. nation, Thomas Jefferson, in 1807, "that I have always regarded Cuba as the most interesting addition that can be made to our system of state."

You know folks, "CUBA, ALABAMA" is sorta a mutual aid society.

We work daily to help each other out.
["A tribe of mothers & brothers sharing each others cover, just trying to stay out of the storm."]

I sure appreciated Bill J. Moody sending me free tickets to Friday night's Percy Sledge/The Tams/Swingin' Medallions show in Dothan and when I heard that Greg Haynes had decided to do a book signing for HEEEY BABY DAYS & Jimmy Dean & Wilbur Walton Jr. agreed to sign autographs, wild horses couldn't keep me in Tuscaloosa Friday morning.
Besides, this book signing could be the precursor for a bigger & better book signing at THE FLORA-BAMA during THE MULLET TOSS

Thankfully, I sensed that I would encounter emergencies like this so I had already accumulated 8 hours of comp time from Pake Realty which freed me Friday from performing my job of crisis management in a dynamic, diverse and challenging urban environment. {i.e. The Quarters}
So Friday morning had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I didn't really calm down and relax until I hit the Bibb County line.
Like an omen, a gasoline tanker passed me with big red cross painted on the back of his tanker trailer emblazoned with VICTORY IN JESUS!
I were ready fo' a party hardy weekend!!!!
As I came into Centerville I saw the sign for the CAHABA HISTORICAL PARK so I rode past, did a U turn and visited this beautiful park on the banks of the Cahaba River.
As I stood looking down on the Cahaba roaring over the rocks, I had the most overpowering sense of deja' vu. THE VOICE WITHIN said, "These rocks & this water look just like Tuscaloosa did before the dams were built over a hundred years ago!" be continued
Y'all go ahead & check out the picture I took of Greg Haynes getting his book signed by Percy Sledge & I'll be checking in wid ya later on and share the rest of my latest adventure!!!!