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Ain't that great, Joey!

Thanks Robert
The Kemp book truly hits a sore spot with me also because a lot of people outside the South....and within the South for that matter,will read this book and come away with a very corrupted view of the southern rock scene in the 1960s and 1970s. Many of us have very fond memories of that time and Kemp has taken his extremely limited knowledge of that period in Southern cultural history and turned it into a race based thing based on HIS own story. It began with me way before 1968.....when as a young lad I listened to WLAC[Nashville] radio each night and also spun those old Stax 45s on my record player. That was a number of years before 1968 and that rhythm and blues is what paved the way for my love of Southern rock at a later time in my life.

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Dixie Lullaby....the book

Hello to my brethen and sisthren down in Alabama,

I read some of the comments concerning the book,Dixie Lullaby and I must add some of my own thoughts here. The book is pure crap in my opinion,written by someone barely old enough at the tiime to have truly experienced the birth or the life of southern rock. The writer has written this book from the experiences of someone growing up in central North Carolina and this is also where I have spent much,but definitely not all of my 52 years on this dear old planet. The writer of DIXIE LULLABY was somewhat behind the times here,as we were sexing,drugging,and rock and rolling long before he even discovered the pleasures of good southern rock music,and numerous other southern offerings. Of course there was racism here.....but there was racism all over the US at the time. My friends and I partied with people of all races and every social class available at the time.....late 1960s into the 1970s. The writer even completely leaves out the Love Valley Rock Festival that took place in July,1970 at Love Valley,NC. The Allman Brothers appeared and the story goes that the song,"Blue Sky" was written while they were on their way to Love Valley. The writer of DIXIE LULLABY wrote from his own perspective.....not from someone who truly experienced the great southern rock era.....he should have written a book about the disco era,which would have been more fitting for him.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hope you've had as great a week as we have had here at "Cuba,Alabama."

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The Deep South gang will finally turn up the juice and cut the damn thang loose at the Mercy Lounge in Oprywood, Tennessee on Wednesday night, August 17

this lounge at #1 Cannery Row is an impressive venue

check out their website at
Also check out Deep South's page at
DEEP SOUTH: Hal McCormick [Uprisin], Jeff Carlisi [.38 Special], Artimus Pyle [Lynyrd Skynyrd], Ed King [Lynyrd Skynyrd], Robert Nix [Candymen, Atlanta Rhythm Section], Jeff Adams [Bloodsugar], Jimmy Hall [Wet Willie] and Dean Daughtry [Candymen, Atlanta Rhythm Section]

DEEP SOUTH courtesy of Excalibur Photography
Jimmy Hall on Sax with drummer Bob Nix in background

DEEP SOUTH now solicits your efforts to marshall all of your loyalty and support to enable them to establish DEEP SOUTH as 2005's "STATE OF THE ART" SOUTHERN ROCK BAND!!!!

photo courtesy of

The force and “Pyle” driver behind ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd’! Ronnie Van Zant told Artimus when he hired him on drums to push this quintessential guitar army band as hard as he could. Artimus did just that, with a “Vynym”!! His hard thunderous drums can now be heard with his southern rock musical brothers, DEEP SOUTH!

Jimmy Hall:
Lead Vocalist, Instrumentalist extraordinaire, and founder of the soulful group, ‘Wet Willie’. Jimmy’s incredible voice is easily recognizable as one of the greatest singers to ever come out of the south!
He is now front and center stage, where he belongs with DEEP SOUTH!

Dean Daughtry:
The ‘Killer’ keyboardist, songwriter, and one of the founding members of the Atlanta Rhythm Section! Dean has co-written many great hit songs for A.R.S. and he is now doing what he was born to do… Dean is playing and writing with his kindred spirits of the south, DEEP SOUTH!

Jeff Carlisi:
His specialty is a passionate and fluid guitar magic that can be heard on all of the .38 Special hits! He not only put his special style on .38’s records, but Jeff co-wrote, “A Heart Needs a Second Chance”, which was the biggest chart record of all of .38 Special’s songs! He is now helping create a whole new southern sound with, DEEP SOUTH!

Robert Nix:
Drummer, Co-Producer, and Songwriter, along with Dean Daughtry, of the Atlanta Rhythm Section’s biggest hits! Robert has played on drums on many recording sessions, but he feels honored to have been asked by Al Kooper and Ronnie Van Zant to play on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Tuesday’s Gone’! He is now playing drums and making history with a whole new breed of DEEP SOUTH!

Ed King:
They don’t call him Ed ‘Guitar’ King for nuthin! His brand of playing is one of the most copied and talked about in the world! Ed is also co-writer, with Ronnie Van Zant, on one of the biggest rock songs of all time, and one of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s signature songs, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’!

The gifted, Ed ‘Guitar’ King, along with Artimus Pyle, Jimmy Hall, Dean Daughtry, Jeff Carlisi, and Robert Nix have brought together some real rock and roll roots by the ones that really made this timeless music!!!!
Together, they are DEEP SOUTH!!!
A sample set list includes:

Atlanta Rhythm Section: ‘So Into You’, ‘Imaginary Lover’, ‘Spooky’, ‘I’m not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonite’, ‘Champagne Jam’, & ‘Doraville’.

Wet Willie: ‘Keep on Smiling’, ‘Dixie Rock’, “Shame, Shame, Shame’, ‘Weekends’, 'Dixie Rock' & ‘Country Side of Life’.

.38 Special: ‘Hang on Loosly’, ‘Caught Up In You”, ‘A Heart Needs a Second Chance’, & ‘Rockin Into The Night’.

Lynyrd Skynyrd: ‘Simple Man’, 'Saturday Night Special', ‘The Ballard of Curtis Lowe’, ‘Tuesday’s Gone’, ‘Sweet Home Alabama”, & ‘Freebird’.

Hey Big Bob & Justo:
How 'bout giving us the story about the day you appeared on American Bandstand.

American Bandstand - Brenton Wood / The Candymen

Episode Information

Episode Number 1803
First Aired December 2, 1967

Guest Stars: Brenton Wood (as Himself) The Candymen (as Themselves)


--Brenton Wood – "Gimme Little Sign" (and possibly "Baby You Got It")
--The Candymen – "Georgia Pines"