Saturday, July 10, 2004

Hi Robert,
Here's the photo. From March 1966, it's The Sandpipers (Pensacola's answer to the Shangri-Las), backed by the Allman Joys. Full story of the girls (including their memories of the boys) appears in Soul Up North Magazine.

Jeff Lemlich

Friday, July 09, 2004


The above link is to Greg Haynes, a Waycross GA native, who is publishing a book and CD on old time beach party music. I have helped him with The Rubber Band out of Tuscaloosa. They played the Old Hickory in Panama City Beach in ' 65 and they often opened for the Swingin' Medallions.(My buddies hired the Swingin' Medallions for our Dothan High Class of ' 68 30th reunion in ' 98- What a show!)
Anyway, as the Baby Boomers approach their sixties, there's a new market for this old music. Growing up in Dothan, spending summers in Panama City Beach and entering Bama as a freshman in ' 68 qualifies me to be interested in anything pertaining to the Allman Joys, the Five Minutes, The Rubber Band, The Pieces of 8, the Swingin' Medallions, the K-Otics, The Rockin' Gibraltas, Big Ben Adkins and the Nomads, the Candymen, Wilbur Walton Jr. and the James Gang. Any information or photos related to these groups would be appreciated.
Found Soul Up North on the Web. Any chance ya could let me put that photo of the Sandpipers and the Allman Joys on the Web and paste it to my blog., "Cuba, Alabama"
Thanks for the reply and love the work you have done.
Best wishes,
Robert Register

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Subject: RE: The Candymen, The Rubber Band, The Allman Joys, etc. etc.
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 23:30:05 -0400

Hi Robert,
No problem with lifting the comments. Lift away!

Speaking of the Allman Joys, I did an article on the Sandpipers (60s girl group from Pensacola) in the British magazine "Soul Up North". The Allman Joys were their backing band for a time, and I included a photo of the Allmans backing the girls on stage from March '66.

Jeff Lemlich

"And if the great d.j. Roby Yonge was
still alive, he'd tell you the ONLY version of "Double Shot" that
mattered was by Alabama's groovy K-OTICS!"
Jeff Lemlich

Thanks for the reply !
Please let me know when and where I can get a copy of "Ga. Pines"

Ed McRee
Albany Ga

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Sailcat's Southern Rock Opera LP features their 1972 hit single MOTORCYCLE MAMA.This is the first time this album has ever been released on CD ! ANYWHERE !

In 1972, JOHN D. WYKER and COURT PICKETT formed the Southern Rock group SAILCAT. This multi-genre Southern Music rock opera concept album was conceived by Wyker and produced by the legendary Muscle Shoals guitarist and songwriter PETE CARR.

The title cut MOTORCYCLE MAMA shot straight to the top of the charts where it stayed for 14 weeks! SAILCAT's appearances on Dick Clark's AMERICAN BANDSTAND and at Carnegie Hall were unforgettable!

Musicians on this Certified piece of Rock History include Chuck Leavell, Charlie Hayward, Lou Mullenix, Clayton Ivey, Bob Wray, Fred Prouty, Scott Boyer, Al Lester, Tom Russell , Bill Connell, Art Shilling, Terry Woodford, Laura Struzick and Faye Sanders.

The Memphis Horns, Inc. featuring Wayne Jackson, Andrew Love, Ed Logan, James Mitchell, Jack Hale and The Memphis Symphony Strings. String arrangements by Charles Chalmers.Recorded at Widget Studio ~ Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Sun Studios ~ Memphis,Tennessee.
This rare CD is not available anywhere else! The CD also features ALL of the original color cover artwork that features a Jack Davis (Mad Magazine) cartoon drawing to illustrate each song on the album!

If you are a fan of the new Warner Brothers TV series EVERWOOD, watch for MOTORCYCLE MAMA to be used in the main love scene between the two teens stars in this new WB Award Winning Television Series! Everwood comes on on Monday nights and again on Sunday afternoons.

The title song MOTORCYCLE MAMA was also covered by Iceland's Bjork and her band The Sugarcubes in the late 70's and was a hit in other parts of the world.

"You'll be the Queen of my highway...My Motorcycle Mama...and we'll see the world from my Harley....if the chain don't break !"

SAILCAT is in the process of reuniting to record thier second album in 30 years....

For more info contact

Motorcycle Mama

Tell your Daddy and your Mama too
You got something better to do
Stick around the house the rest of your life
You're eighteen you can do what you like
You'll be the queen of my highway
My motorcycle mama
We'll see the world through my Harley

We'll get matching jackets and helmets too
We'll get respect from the towns we ride through
We'll sleep at the roadside in the soft green grass
And if the squares walk by we'll let them pass
You'll be the queen of my highway
My motorcycle mama
We'll see the world through my Harley

And maybe in a year or two
We'll have a little one
She'll look just like you
We'll add on a sidecar
Electric guitar
We'll be a trio
The baby makes three, oh

Tell your Daddy and your Mama too
You got something better to do
Stick around the house the rest of your life
You're eighteen you can be my wife
You'll be the queen of my highway
My motorcycle mama
We'll see the world through my Harley
We'll see the world through my Harley
We'll see the world through my Harley
If the chain don't break


99er Studioalbum der Band, die 1970 aus Mitgliedern der Classic IV und Roy Orbison's Candymen hervorgegangen war. Berühmt für ihren Laid-Back und organischen Southern-Rock Stil.


Motorcycle Mama

American Bandstand - Sailcat / The Brady Bunch
Episode Information

Episode Number 2045
First Aired August 26, 1972
Guest Stars: Sailcat (as Guests) Christopher Knight (as Guest) Mike Lookinland (as Guest) Maureen McCormick (as Guest) Susan Olsen (as Guest) Eve Plumb (as Guest) Barry Williams (as Guest)


--Sailcat - "Motorcycle Mama"

American Bandstand - Brenton Wood / The Candymen

Episode Information

Episode Number 1803
First Aired December 2, 1967

Guest Stars: Brenton Wood (as Himself) The Candymen (as Themselves)


--Brenton Wood – "Gimme Little Sign" (and possibly "Baby You Got It")
--The Candymen – "Georgia Pines"

From: Jeff Lemlich
Subject: The Candymen (was Roemans)

Bill Craig wrote:

> I think I heard something similar about The Candymen
> (Georgia Pines)
also on ABC Paramount I believe. Were
> they not at one time Roy Orbison's backing Band?

The Candymen started out in Dothan, Alabama as The Webs.
Bobby Goldsboro was their original leader. When Bobby decided
to chase after honey and funny little clowns, the band took on
Rodney Justo as their new singer. Justo, from the west side of
had previously fronted a group called "Rodney & The
and had cut a 45 for the Sound Stage 7 label.

Roy Orbison took an interest in the band, and hired them as his
backing group... at which time The Webs became The Candymen,
named after Orbison's hit "Candy Man". There is often
confusion between the Candymen and Roemans, since the latter
group was in a similar situation, having changed their name
(ever so slightly) from the Romans to the Roemans when Tommy
came calling. And of course, both groups are best known
for their recordings on ABC.

The Candymen reverted to their original name for a one-off
single for MGM, "People Sure Act Funny"/"You Pretty Fool". This was due to the ever-popular "contractual reasons".

When the Candymen broke up, Justo joined the Tampa band "Noah's
and sang on their 45 for Liberty. Buddy Buie suggested he
move to Georgia and sing for a studio group made up of Florida
and Georgia garage band veterans (including a couple of other
former Candymen). That band became known as "Atlanta Rhythm

Jeff Lemlich
The Limestone Lounge Florida Music Forum

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Allman Joys letter to WTBC "Good Guys" thanking them for playing "Spoonful".

Tuscaloosa's own, Bill Connell, at Fort Brandon Armory with the Allman Joys. Notice the tie.


[photo courtesy of Ronnie Quarles of WTBC]

Here's a picture of 19 year old Duane Allman "apeing it up" at the old Hotel San Carlos in Pensacola, Florida taken by my sister (Linda Tietjen) in August, 1965. She was dating Duane at the time and took this picture with her Brownie camera. He would come by our house in Myrtle Grove to pick her up. I was only around 5 years old at the time and don't remember seeing him but my brothers do (just my luck!). Very few people have ever seen this picture!

She remembers hanging out with them and trying to help them come up with lyrics! Pretty cool!

Hope you enjoy it.

Gary Lockwood
Web Master
Boyden Amplifiers

This came off the Boyden Amplifiers site and was posted by their webmaster Gary Lockwood

Duane Allman- guitar
Bob Keller - bass
Gregg Allman - keyboards
Bill Connell - drums

Here's a promotional picture taken from the Sahara Club in Pensacola Florida from the early 1960's. My sister (Linda Tietjen) was a waitress there and would sometimes get pictures of the bands she liked. She became friends with the Brothers and would often hang out with them.

The Brothers were surely in their teens here and it appears that Greg had not yet switched to his signature Hammond organ.

Hope you enjoy it.

Gary Lockwood
Web Master
Boyden Amplifiers

During his all-too-brief career, Duane Allman established himself as one of rock's best guitar soloists and arguably "the" best practitioner of rock & roll slide guitar. Allman began his career playing in the Allman Joys and the Hour Glass, two promising bands that went nowhere but caught the attention of Fame Studios owner Rick Hall. Hall hired Allman to play on Wilson Pickett's 1969 "Hey Jude" album and was impressed enough with the results to retain him as a session man. Allman's work was featured on records by Aretha Franklin, King Curtis, Clarence Carter, Otis Rush, and Boz Scaggs, but he had larger ambitions. On a trip back home to Florida, he and his brother Gregg joined a group of local musicians which became the Allman Brothers Band, and Duane finally found the success that had eluded him. His reputation was further enhanced through his brilliant work with Eric Clapton on the Derek and the Dominos classic "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs." Allman declined an offer to join Clapton's band to remain with the Allman Brothers, who returned to the studio in the summer of 1971. In October, midway through the sessions, Allman crashed his motorcycle in an attempt to avoid colliding with a truck; three hours of intensive surgery were not enough to save his life. The remaining band completed the album, "Eat a Peach," which proved to be one of their finest efforts. The music that Allman did have the opportunity to make remains impassioned, fluid, gutsy, and essential for rock fans. ~ Steve Huey

A Few Tracks Played on by Duane Allman at FAME
The Road of Love-Clarence Carter
Harper Valley PTA-Clarence Carter
Happily Married Man-Hour Glass
Hey Jude-Wison Pickett
Weekend Love-Clarence Carter
B.B. King Medley-Hour Glass
A Man and A Half-Wilson Pickett
Goin Down Slow-Duane Allman
Light My Fire-Clarence Carter

Will Thomas, Alabama Day
(Will Thomas, postorder)
Sydstatskille som sjunger country och rock’n’roll som om tiden stått still i trettio år. ”Alabama Day” är sympatiskt som ett av de där albumen man köpte och älskade bara för att de var inspelade med de rätta människorna i Muscle Shoals-studion. Plattan är producerad av Johnny Wyker, som en gång tog hand om Eddie Hinton, musiker som Wayne Perkins och Spooner Oldham medverkar och "Sleep Doctor"är en av de goaste, ja, goaste, rocklåtar jag hört på länge. Och versionen av "Let Love Come Between Us", som Wyker en gång skrev åt James & Bobby Purify, är inte heller så tokig. Beställ albumet på utan att tveka.
Let Love Come Between Us - James & Bobby Purify (#23)
The tune peaked at #23 on the Billboard Top 40 in 1967

In the way of such things, Morrison's door has had a wild ride. It was the kitchen door of a house Morrison rented in Tallahassee when he was a Florida State University student. (Think Back Door Man, psychedelic version, with Morrison's tortured screams.)

Morrison was born in Melbourne and also went to St. Petersburg Junior College. Morrison's landlord salvaged the door when the tiny rental house near FSU got knocked down for a parking lot. He took it off to California and kept it in his home and recently sent it to Tallahassee for the exhibit.

Sadly, the landlord couldn't find his collection of bounced rent checks that Morrison left behind in Tallahassee. Morrison left something else in Tallahassee -- a police mug shot from his 1963 drunk and disorderly conduct arrest. The mug shot will be on display, along with a copy of the arrest report. Morrison died in 1971.