Thursday, August 03, 2006

From the Montgomery Advertiser:

Many years have passed and many things have changed, but the one thing that lived on in their memories was the music they all grew up with.

Dupree was instrumental in reuniting the original Rockin' Gibraltars band to entertain for the event. The band's special appearance this past weekend marked the first time group members have played together since 1968.

Dupree joined fellow RG members Sonny Grier, Keith Brewer, Ed Sanford, Rusty Crumpton, Ronnie Monroe and Steve Schieferstein to play favorite rock 'n' roll tunes with the same sound and pizzazz they had as high school seniors.

Grier, the RG's lead singer, had delighted his classmates many times in the old days with his rendition of James Brown's "Please, Please, Please." Complete with a drop to his knees, he reprised the entertainment favorite to raves and cheers and helped provide the musical backdrop for couples who dusted off their dancing shoes and took to the floor to re-create the Monkey, the Shag, the Bop and the Twist -- all popular high school dance crazes.