Sunday, April 22, 2007

Playground Open House
Further specific directions for parking on April 28th at Playground.. We're having a great week so far.. Wiley and the Checkmates have been in recording for a couple of days.. and David Adkins just arrived to play Vox Continental and Wurlitzer...
Garry Cape from SoulScape Records in the UK will be here along with Mary Gresham who we have started a recording project on... Mighjt be a lot of people ... might be none at all.. But I can say this... Right Now.. Playground Is ROCKIN!

Here's the directions to Playground Recording Studio in VP:

Directions: head West on Hwy 20 (John Sims Pkway ) in Niceville.. go in to Valp.

Left on Okaloosa, there will be Heritage museum signs, 1st right on Seminole, quick left on Glenview.. Follow Glenview approx 3 blocks.. Left into the Alley behind the studio. The roads should be blocked off at this point .. tell the security guys you’re here for the Playground opening.. proceed down alley parking reserved for Playground guys and gals

Buck Bannon's speech at the opera house dedication in DEVIL MAKE A THIRD:

"This town has meant a lot to me- it's been my friend and it's been my good companion. It's given me more than a man deserves, and in giving it, it's come a long way. All the way from a cold-water spring in a grove of poplars to paved streets and a power plant. It's come to fine homes and flowers brought in from Mobile- azaleas to bring something besides work to all of us. I hope this opera house will do the same thing the flowers did for us- make us forget for a while that we're building a town and then remember stronger that we are growing with it, and be thankful to the town. I'm grateful to Aven because it took me along for the ride."