Friday, July 09, 2010

P ~

I'm probably gonna get a room @ a motel near the event.
Looking forward to seeing you perform in Woodstock, Georgia Saturday, July 10.
Call me.

Robert Register

Bill Gilmore, Dean Daughtry, Graham Nash, Robert
Nix, John Rainey Adkins, Rodney Justo

Bill Gilmore, Dean Daughtry, Graham Nash, Robert
Nix, John Rainey Adkins, Rodney Justo

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Robert ,
Just a quick note . The Kress store also had Beatle wigs , Beatle boots , and many other items us Southside boys couldn't afford . Your idea for the rock show sounds like it could be a hit , keep it up . See you at City Fest .
David A.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Robert----since I wrote that email to Frank, we have changed the line up of the City Fest event. Buddy, Chips and the song writers are going to open the show at 7 PM. This will give them plenty of time to cover the multitude of hits they wrote and produced.
Our band, the Strangers, will come on next, with Wilbur Walton coming up and opening with his great version of "The Right String Baby But The Wrong YoYo". He will also do our James Gang version of "Georgia Pines," which was written by Buddy and John Rainey Adkins. Mitch Goodson and Jimmy Watford with sit in with us as well.
Then the Bopcats will take the stage. David Adkins will sit in with them as well as Paul Hornsby, so their musicianship will be a grand way to round out the evening. Rodney Justo, lead singer for the Candymen and first lead singer for the Atlanta Rhythm Section will join in for a few songs. We'll all pick as long as the audience wants us to, so it should be a heck of an opening for the City Fest event this year.
It should be mentioned that this event is an ALS benefit so everybody is performing free of charge. I had talked to B. J. Thomas, Billy Joe Royal, and the Atlanta Rhythm Section and every one of them agreed to perform free, then the date had to be changed to September 10 and they were all already booked on that date. But they would have been here for us, and that shows what classy guys they are.
Jimmy Dean (The James Gang, B.J. Thomas, Beaverteeth)

L ~

Let me know if I'm off on this.

After we spoke, the first thing I wrote was "Crewcuts, Beatles, Newberry's, Kress- Beatles, Woolworth"

These mental images from my teenage years in Dothan are exactly what I want to communicate in


1961 school day pictures of about 30 famous rockers from Jacksonville contrasted with their '66 & '67 photographs.

EXCUSE ME, but when Elvis came back from Germany, he was ONE morbid joke.
He was somebody your older sister built a shrine to in her bedroom.
The Beatles were something!
Even before they came over, the Kress on the NW corner of Main & Foster in Dothan had Beatle dolls & the girls from over on SILK STOCKING AVENUE bought all of 'em up the first Saturday they were up for sale and the ones who missed it REGRET IT TO THIS DAY!

I guarandamntee you it was the same way in Jacksonville but way mo' worser.

At the same time, both towns, Dothan & Jacksonville were under TOTAL SEGREGATION & EVERBODY had been living next to bases that had given THE NIGRAS they SILVER RIGHTS since 1948!


Dizzzzzzzzzzzzzz wadn't no states rights thing.

These FOLK believed dark-skinned folks stank and had cooties.

In Dothan, it were mo' worser than CASTRO!

It's no accident that those cats from Jacksonville named their band after Leonard Skinner.

Am I wrong?


Monday, July 05, 2010

Gotta get a Ben Windham, Katherine Tucker Windham, David Windham tag on this post so I can dig this wonderful creation up in the future.

I promised Ms. Windham I'd post this stuff. I like it. I wish Ben would go out there today and start digging up bullets so he could get busted by his sacred left wing kook Alabama Histerical Commission.What I glory in about these pictures is poor old Ben wrote about a zillion editorials against the flying of the Confederate Flag. He might have hated the flag but sho' nuff loved tearing up the battlefield!

Check out our Jacksonville '60s band mega-post on the Limestone Lounge. It's 24 pages long! You might find some good ideas in there:

From left to right is... Joe Wilson on keyboards.....Dennis Yost on drums...... J.R. Cobb on guitar...and Wally Eaton on bass. I have no idea where they are playing.

During the coming week we will be working up a budget for the ROCK PILGRIMAGE trailer to be produced by Lance Miccio,
President of Happy Trailers HD

The proposed location for the trailer will be Jacksonville.

Nominees for "PERSONS OF INTEREST" in the Jacksonville ROCK Community include:

Dennis Yost ~

J.R. Cobb ~

Robert Nix ~

Pete Carr ~

Scott Boyer ~

Butch Trucks ~

Derek Trucks ~

Jeff Carlisi ~

Gram Parsons ~

Ronnie Van Zant ~

Mike Campbell ~

Rick Medlocke ~

Ray Charles ~

Berry Oakley ~

Eddie Hinton ~

Billy Powell ~

Gary Rossington ~

Allen Collins ~

Leon Wilkeson ~

Johnny Van Zant ~

Donnie Van Zant ~