Saturday, December 23, 2006


Gotta say muchas to Bobby Dupree and the R.G.s!!!!

I ate supper with the original Rockin' Gibraltars at the City Grill in Montgomery Thursday night. Details to follow.
I just got to get back to the Island!

The menu at City Grill varies slightly based on seasonal items, but there are always several appetizers, several salads and plenty of entrée choices. My favorite appetizer is steamed mussels ($6.95). These tender little beauties are served in a thin broth flavored with garlic, white wine, fresh basil and red pepper flakes. The crusty table bread is perfect for dipping into the broth after you've polished off the last mussel.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006



If you happen to get into the gift giving SPIRIT of the season, don't forget THE HEEEY BABY DAYS OF BEACH MUSIC!

Here in Tuscaloosa it's on sale at both locations of Oz Music along with Books-A-Million.
The book is also on sale at Alabama Books-A-Million stores in Alabaster, B'ham[4 locations], Cullman, Daphne, Decatur, Dothan, Florence, Gadsden, Hoover, Huntsville, Madison, Mobile[2 locations], Montgomery[2 locations] and Opelika.


It's featured at

& it can be bought online @


Ain't gonna get too much productive out of me for the next week.

Tomorrow I'm preparing to go to the Rockin' Gibraltars' Christmas party in Monkeytown, then Friday it's our Christmas party which is THE BEST OF ALL!

It's sorta like the Auburn game: People talk about it for the rest of the year, especially the detectives.

Y'all be good and let's get out of this 2006 and get into something different.

Say your prayers.

Don't mean to hurt your feelings but you might need 'em next year.



Subject: Rodney "Rydell" Justo


Damn! Aren't you glad Rodney didn't change his voice style to sound like Bobby Rydell?!

Well, maybe if he had he could have become a teen idol, made the cover of Teen Magazine, and sold a zillion records.

Thanks for not selling out,

Rockin' Rodney!


O.K. here's the straight stuff from Zane Kesey, Kesey's son:

here is my chance to let people know where we are and what is needed to get the bus rolling into new adventures:

Our earlier partners and plans have not come as planned, so we are kind of starting at point zero right now?

I have many people wishing to help, in many ways, so far none of their resources have been tapped!.......

What we need at this point is someone to take charge, be the leader,coordinate the support.

I think a non profit account needs to be started so people can make tax deductible donations.

Then will come coordinating all of the specifics of where, how, when, etc that all of the (mostly volunteer) helpers can do their thing and tear it apart...then put it together?

If this is not the job for you, no worries, there are plenty more things to do once this gets started!!!

We will be in contact again when that happens.
I hope to have the process filmed and documented with interviews of the nomads who come to be part of this endeavor...or just to witness it?

I have many ideas of how to raise money, tickets to ride on a futureadventure, parts of the bus nicely framed, posters, certificates, bus tokens, mention of donations in the documentary...etc.

I have a large email list of people that want to help, so far untapped!

I have lots of ideas about what to do with the bus when restored,
adventures for fun and for political/environmental/ change, even some time in museums!
I do not want to sell out with the bus or to give it away....even to a museum (unless that is the only way).

I cannot be the one in charge of this...

I have no time or resources, but I would still be a big part of the process...
as always!
What do you think?

zane k

Bill "Shakey" Gilmore on bass backing PATSY CLINE

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hey y'all:

Somehow I'm gonna craft this post to support THE BICENTENNIAL OF AARON BURR'S ARREST IN ALABAMA along with the music stuff from the Deep South in The Sixties.

If you've had a bait of Aaron Burr, scroll down and check out the incredible Rock & Roll thread wwwwwwwwwwyker started.

Katrina kicked Rock 'N Roll's ASS!!!!

All of you cats tied to the movie business need to know with the right pitch you could get a first draw to start production for the soon to be released, major motion picture called THE ARREST OF THOMAS JEFFERSON'S VICE PRESIDENT.

Fo' duh rest uv us chumps living down in Alibammy & trying to make a living, we can put on a symposium like we did back in '99 for THE U. S. SOUTHERN BOUNDARY BICENTENNIAL COMMISSION!!!!

I really believe is all we have to do to have a symposium is to set it up around the bicentennial of

THE DAY BURR PULLED AN "O. J.": October 20, 1807

This is absolutely some rich stuff because it sheds light on preceding decade!

The cat we need to attract is Buckner F. Melton, Jr.


Now check out this stuff wwwwwwwwwwwwyker started!

Here's the cat wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwyker let out of the bag:

Subject: Music Question

Do you know anything about these 2 Soundstage 7 records?

2538 – The Misfits – It’s Up To You / Skiing Time – 1964
2531 – Rodney JustoMiss Brown / Tell Her You Care – 1964

My friend says Marshall Sehorn told him the master tape was destroyed by Katrina.


chris jones


Subject: Re: Fw: Music Question


I'll shoot this around to some folks who might know.

That's bad news about the masters lost to Katrina. Seahorn had some unreleased Rockin' Gibraltars stuff too.

Hopefully, Katrina is an excuse and some of the old SeaSaint stuff is still laying around New Orleans somewhere.


I think that it could be true.

When I went to the kick-off event for the "Heey Baby Days" book,

I ran into the president of Ripete Records,

who told me that he owned the rights to all of the Sound Stage 7 masters but didn't have Miss Brown.
I told him that I'd send him a CD but I can't find his business card.

I was 19 years and 3 days old when I made that record.

On February 8,1964 I sang in Dothan,Al. on a show with Roy Orbison,Ray Stevens, Bobby Goldsboro, the Web's With Wilbur Walton Jr.,and the Ramrods backed me up.

After the show, my young ass was designated to be the driver on the way to Nashville, while Orbison,Ray, and my manager Paul Cochran slept.

The next day the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan, changing music forever.

February 10th I went to a Jerry Lee Lewis recording session,(thanks to Ray Stevens since I'd never even seen a session, much less been on one) where he recorded a song called "I'm on Fire" about an experience.

The next day we recorded Miss Brown.

It was produced by Roy,and arranged by Bill Justis of "Rauncht" fame.
Bill told me that I sounded too "colored" and wanted me to sound more like "Bobby Rydell"

Roy turned to Paul and me, during the playback, and said "SMASH" but to be honest, I knew that I wasn't sittin' on a hit record.
But it was a start,and, what the hell, it isn't a bad story.