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Deep South Musicians has your entertainment onhand

Deep South will also produce their next CD.

This identity characterizes the band’s newest release, The Dirty South,a diverse collection of carefully woven stories set in the Deep South

In January 1978 the Sex Pistols, probably the most controversial rock bandever, erupted into America for a twelve-day tour of the Deep South. ...

Looking West At the Intersection of Greensboro Avenue and University Boulevard

Subject: Re: I Broke The Code On DEEP SOUTH


Big Bob:
In 1821, a 90 degree angle with two 132 feet long arms was surveyed at this intersection which became the basis for the entire city street plan and lot plat for Tuscaloosa. On the northwest corner of the intersection was the Alabama State Bank building. It failed in the 1840s because it was run by Tuscaloosa's tavern keepers and they lent men money to buy land and slaves. The men let the land go back to the bank and hauled their slaves west to Texas. The debt from this bank was finally paid off in about 1948.
Today it is a park located next to a parking lot.
When I came to T-town in '68, the old Alabama State Bank building (later to be known as the Fitts House) had been demolished and the northwest corner of this intersection at 2400 University Boulevard was occupied by Johnny's Restuarant, 2402 was Deep South Lounge and 2404 was Roy's Shamrock Billiard Parlor. Roy's had a huge blackboard on the wall above the pool tables and the betting line for all of the day's games was recorded there for all who were interested. Eventually Johnny's and Deep South went out of business but in the late seventies they were reopened and became an incredible rock 'n roll venue called Jumpin' Johnny's. Below you will find a beautiful Jumping Johnny's story which appeared on Johnny Wyker's Mighty Field of Vision message board on yahoo groups.
Hey, check out the website for the Jupiter Bar & Grill on the University Boulevard Strip here in Tuscaloosa. Waylon's boy is playing there tonight.

From: ned mudd
To: Wyker
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Subject: Tippy tale No. 2

Tippy Armstrong and Johnny Wyker on stage at the Old Hickory on Panama City Beach in the Summer of '65

Here's another Tippy tale from circa 1974.

Bill Marshall and I were recording a duo project called "The Truck Stop Opry" and Tippy would wander in from time to time, just checking out what was up, seeing if we were making progress etc. I recall he had an old sedan and carried his Fender bass around by sticking the back end on the rear dashboard, the tuning keys on the front seat. No case. That means, the bass was sorta flying in the car as he drove thru Tuscaloosa.

One day he came by and said he'd gotten a call from Jimmy Cliff. This was after "The Harder They Come". I said "What did he want?" Tippy says something about Jimmy wanting him to go on a big tour. I think it was a world gig but we're stretching my memory banks here.

"You going?" we said.
Tippy says, "I asked Jimmy if that meant I'd have to leave Tuscaloosa."
At that point, Tippy had no interest in leaving home. I reckon he told Jimmy "no."

Another time, shortly after that, I was working the door at Jumpin' Johnny's, downtown Tuscaloosa. I think Locust Fork was playing.{}
Tippy saunters up with this old gut string guitar on his shoulder, no case. The back end is dangling out behind him. Like everybody carried their guitar that way.

We chatted and he said "You think I could sit in?"
Locust Fork was one hell of a loud-assed band.
I looked at Tippy and figured he could work it out with the band somehow. No cover charge.

The guy who owned Jumpin' Johnny's, Alex Kontos, came by my place the other day with a CD. There was Tippy, jamming with Locust Fork, "live" at Jumpin' Johnny's.

I took one guitar lesson from Tippy. He decided to show me a cool lick and call it a day. The lick was a little 3 chord thing that was a mix of Appalachian with Muscle Shoals R&B thrown in.

Tippy said "Eddie Hinton( taught me that."


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JIM MORRISON'S MUGSHOT AND ARREST RECORD FROM TALLAHASSEE: 1963 In the way of such things, Morrison's door has had a wild ride. It was the kitchen door of a house Morrison rented in Tallahassee when he was a Florida State University student. (Think Back Door Man, psychedelic version, with Morrison's tortured screams.) Morrison was born in Melbourne and also went to St. Petersburg Junior College. Morrison's landlord salvaged the door when the tiny rental house near FSU got knocked down for a parking lot. He took it off to California and kept it in his home and recently sent it to Tallahassee for the exhibit. Sadly, the landlord couldn't find his collection of bounced rent checks that Morrison left behind in Tallahassee. Morrison left something else in Tallahassee -- a police mug shot from his 1963 drunk and disorderly conduct arrest. The mug shot will be on display, along with a copy of the arrest report. Morrison died in 1971.

Click on this link to see the recently discovered one minute and seventeen second black and white film of Jim Morrison appearing on an FSU promo film in '64.

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Classic Schlock
Got a call from Frank Everett, our affiliate relations guy, this morning, telling me that the Jacksonville classic rock station (WFYV "Rock 105") had passed on the show, praising the production values, but saying there "isn't enough there," meaning there isn't enough material for a weekly show. I beg to differ, having produced 44 episodes with very few repeated songs. I've spent a lot of $ buliding the record library, and considering the thousands of fine Florida favorites in my co-producer (and esteemed Limestone Lounge moderator) Jeff Lemlich's collection, I find that statement to be insulting. Hell, I've only played .38 Special once, and that was on the Christmas episode! If we were so limited, I'd have played "Hold On Loosely" a long time ago.This is just another example of why satellite radio is going to crush commercial radio. I'll admit that the show is probably a better fit for the oldies format, which is much more inclusive (especially in regards to soul music) in its way than the lily-white playlist of classic rock stations, but that format is being phased out by some of the bigger corporate firms like Clear Channel and Cox, because despite the solid ratings they always get, the perception is that the audience for Oldies is growing older.Although I'm confident we'll end up finding a home in J-town (WWRR just went oldies, and they're owned by the same parent company as our current flagship, Oldies WSOS in St. Augustine), and end up on AT LEAST a half a dozen stations around the state, I'm thinking that our first priority will be to get on XM or Sirius. Fuck Cox and Clear Channel and the horse they rode in on.
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I Wanna Testify
The Oldies audience is not getting older! My sixteen year old son can rap "Subterranean Lovesick Blues" like Tupac! I know Teddy from Tampa Bay is gonna hate it but we got the generic oldies station selling ads like a mug in Tuscaloosa!Excuse me- I have to listen to Ted the Bear every morning while he gives weather forecasts for every Fuckin' place on Mother Earth. son gets up to take his shower at 6:20 A.M. It is very seldom that he changes the station because he loves the sounds of the Sixties. Is that unusual? I don't think so.

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Give them what they want. Give them their money's worth.-- skypilotclub motto

Hey guys:Zane Kesey, the late great Ken Kesey's son, got burned by some dudes from the Netherlands.

Here's what Zane says:

Help me get paid by a deadbeat TV producer and you can get FREE STUFF
I am owed money from a TV company in The Netherlands.
Here is the story: I helped them for weeks... arranging interviews with the pranksters, arranging tours of the farm, getting copies of archive bus footage (at my cost) and even being interviewed myself.
Why: I spend so much time and money helping so that they will use my archive Prankster/Further footage (for a fee)
I worked with Rolinda Montsma (who is no longer with them.... arranging all the technical needs and scheduling the Prankster interviews In the bus at the Kesey farm. I had a studio make professional video tapes and overnighted them to the Netherlands ($230 out of my pocket) I emailed saying I would let them use the footage for 1/4 the regular price because I liked the person I was working with.
It is now about a year later... and I have nothing.... and I think they have blocked my email from asking for payment. I would give up on this... but they have really galled me, and insulted me!
SO: If you email them and get them to pay me in full.... you can have $200 in free blotters.... or free framed Acid Test art worth up to $1000... or as any DVDs as you want... or as many CDs as you want... or some signed Kesey books... or signed posters.... etc.... we can work something out to make you very happy!
Here is some info:
"Jeroen Akerboom" This is the guy I have been emailing mailto:bjorn@eyeworks.tvthis is another guy in charge doesn't work for them anymore, but said she would help) I can send you our emails?
If you could just email these guys asking them to pay me for the licensee fee for use of the Kesey archive footage, they might just say OK?
My email (zane kesey) you will probably need more info from me eventually!
More info: (please email this guy and ask him to returm my money)
About 6 months ago a different TV guy ( "Richard Avivson" ) was going to help me take care of this.Hewanted an interview and to use footage, I said if you get my money back from Eyeworks and get them to pay me for the footage I will do this and give you footage for free. He has managed to get the money that came out of my pocket from them (about $250). He did get $250 from them, but will not send it to me as promised. Now it is 6 months since he put my money in his account and he wants to do an interview ...I said no that wasn't the now he threatened to come to my home and do damage to me and my family with saying he is crazy and has done it beforeand has a criminal record in many countries. He now clames the money is his...AND has sent me a bill for 200 pounds payble in 14days (I am to guess OR WHAT HE WILL DO). Please email this guy and explain nicely that I an an honest, loving, person....and did not deserve being stolen from..
Thanx... never get off the bus! Zane
Let these guys from the Netherlands know they need to take care of this debt. Zane will trade out mucho if ya'll will help.If you could do something for the boy, I sho' would appreciate,-- roberto

"Zane Kesey" View Contact Details
Re: HEY YA'LL: Zane Kesey, Ken's Son, Needs Some Help.

I have some new contact info if you want to try contacting these deadbeats again?
For Eyeworks:stormyEyeworks GmbH Hans Boeckler STR. 163 D - 50354 Huerth
Tel.+49-2233-517070 Fax +49 2233 517075
For Janus R. Avivson:
Hampstead Films 27 Heath Street Hampstead London NW3 6TU - UK tel. 02074351993/ 07792143829/ 07845346809 <>