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You always talking about putting money in something.

Why don't you start a business selling Confederate Flags?

You could have the "Made in China" line of the Navy Flag & the Stars and Bars plus

The Heirloom Quality Line.

Archives and History in Monkey Town's selling a poster with all their Confederate flags on it.

You could design your own "ideal" Confederate Flag or just make copies of the flag of
Lumsden's Battery.

Gift shop owners in South Alabama have told me it's their biggest seller!


image courtesy of

Author Tom Wolfe's 'hallucinogenic tome' The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test is being adapted for the big screen, under the direction of Gus "Drugstore Cowboy" Van Sant.

Lance "Big Love" Black
will write the screenplay.

FilmColony's Richard Gladstein will produce.

Premise of the book follows a cross-country road trip, led by author Ken "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" Kesey and his 'Merry Pranksters'.
Driving in a bus from California to New York in 1964, Kesey used the trip as a way to promote the 'mind-expanding' properties of LSD.
up with is
& another thing we need to keep the music, especially LOVE POTION #9...

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Hey y'all:

Alabama U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions
got reelected last week.

My son Christopher told me about this YouTube prank
where this cat drives up in a Home Depot lot and starts
yelling to the Mexicans that he's ready to build a
Well, a ton of Mexicans jump into the back of the truck.
The driver
won't allow anybody in the cab and
then he drives them to the U.S. Immigration Office and films them running off.
I gotta find this.
Looking for it, I found this stuff.
Check it out:
This one is over 7 minutes long but it's worth it so wait until you have that much time!

Joke courtesy of BAMA QUEEN

A mother is driving a little girl to her friend's house for a play date.

"Mommy," the little girl asks, "how old are you?"

"Honey, you are not supposed to ask a lady her age," the mother replied. "It's not polite."

"OK", the little girl says, "How much do you weigh?"

"Now really," the mother says, "those are personal questions and are really none of your business."

Undaunted, the little girl asks, "Why did you and Daddy get a divorce?"

"That is enough questions, young lady, honestly!"

The exasperated mother walks away as the two friends begin to play.

"My Mom won't tell me anything about her," the little girl says to her friend.

"Well," says the friend, "all you need to do is look at her drivers license. It is like a report card, it has everything on it."

Later that night the little girl says to her mother, "I know how old you are, you are 32."

The mother is surprised and asks,
"How did you find that out?

"I also know that you weigh 140 pounds."

The mother is past surprised and shocked now.
"How in heaven's name did you find that out?"

"And," the little girl says triumphantly,
"I know why you and daddy got a divorce."

"Oh really?" the mother asks. "Why?"

"Because you got an F in sex."


That's it!

Not only do we Alabamians need to check "black" on the race question on every form we fill out.
We also need to check "F" on the sex question on every damn form we fill out!!!!

Can't you see it!!!!
Forty years from now when we all long gone,
every person in Alabama will be a black female.
We oughta be able to get some help with these bills then!

Ain't dat whut dah gov'ment 'sposed tah do anywayzzzzzzzzzzz,
Mittuh Buddy?



Gloria and I will be leaving early the 5th heading to Atlanta.
My son, Ben is having surgery at Northside hospital.
Two years ago
he fell and shattered his ankle.
They operated and put a metal plate and screws in his ankle to enable him to walk again.
The operation
was a success.
A couple of weeks ago he was visiting us and slipped on our rain slick carport
and re-injured the ankle.
The fall cracked
the metal plate and broke the bone again.
The doctors will remove and replace the cracked plate with a new one.
They will have to
re-brake the bone to straighten it.
After he is released from the hospital we will bring him back to Eufaula to recuperate.
We hope everything
will go well.
Please keep him in your prayers.
Sorry we'll miss you when you come to Dothan.
Happy 4th !!!!
Let's start a new revolution and get rid of all left-wing politically correct Democrats
and a few chickenshit Republicans who are polluting Washington.


Global Warming, "Immigration Reform", socialized medicine and the Apologies Epidemic are four sure litmus tests for identifying a Political Shithead.

Global Warming is 99.8 % pure anti-Americanism that totally ignores the impact of the developing world upon air pollution.

"Immigration Reform" is an open borders madness which will bring down every institution we have created for our "social safety net".
I PAY a government-supported dental clinic to fix my teeth because it's cheaper.
While waiting for treatment the other day, a family of fifteen Spanish - speaking Latinos of all ages walked into the lobby seeking treatment. Not counting myself and one black woman, when you include a Spanish speaking woman with three Spanish speaking children already there, OUT of the 21 people in a Tuscaloosa clinic seeking inexpensive or FREE dental treatment, NINETEEN were Latinos!
This clinic is located in the heart of the West End ghetto because it was built there with the idea of serving THOSE poor people.

On my blog, please read William Wheatley's description of going to the Sicilian
post office to pay for his doctor's visit to remove a thorn.

Socialized medicine is crazier than that shithouse rat Michael Moore.


If we kicked the AMA's ass & opened up the med schools to produce as many doctors as we produce LAWYERS, there'd by an emergency medical care office on every other corner of this country.

March 2004- The University of Alabama Apologized For African Slavery & faculty members suggested that descendants of slaves who worked on the Bama campus from 1831 to 1865 should qualify for THEY RESPIRATIONS CHECKS!


A couple of weeks ago, on the morning when newspaper headlines announced that the Alabama Legislature had passed a resolution apologizing for slavery, I overheard two "descendants of slaves" in a City Hall elevator discussing how they were gonna spend they respirations check.


Y'all are in my prayers. We wish the best for Ben.


Jeff Miami @
don't sleep.
This cat is on the scene &
Not only dat
He got audio of the Par Tee in Meee AAAhhh Meee!

but he a tease

He got some audio from the Par Tee in Miami from somebody's ex-wife and then
put it up on the Limestone Lounge, a feature of his website

I snatched "IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR" off the forum befo' he pulled it off.

I don't blame ya Jeff.
It HOT!~

Hey y'all:

Please check out my two songs SALLY SANG & CAN'T BE TOO FAST


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A Beautiful Image Sent to Us by William Wheatley
but You Ain't Gonna Believe What Happened To William & His Wife Giovanna
In Sicily last week!

From Guillermo Wheatley,
Young Jr. Baby Criminal &
Gradgiate Who Be Done Receive His Diplooma & WALKED in '62!

Here's my trip report (trip of 6/19 to 7/1):

We're back from our travels. '
In Sicily we visited Giovanna's family. Many of her
aunts and uncles are old and some are dying, so it was a bittersweet visit. We
did get a couple of days at the beach (her parents have a beach house on the
southern coast). It was hot -- up to 113 deg F in the day, down into the upper
80's at night, and very little is air conditioned. They are not used to such
heat, which was abnormal for Sicily. The weather reports said it was because the
air was coming up from the Sahara. On our last day it cooled down into the
comfortable 80's, with the air direction shifting so that the air was coming
from the west.

Our first night at the beach we went into the little town of Marina de Ragusa
(Port of Ragusa) to find an ATM machine. We found one at the local bank, but
Giovanna had trouble getting her card to go in -- the slot was covered with a
piece of orange plastic, so she pushed the card in under the plastic. The
machine was on, but nothing happened. Finally, she called me over and explained
what had happened. I told her the orange plastic probably meant the machine was
out of service. I was able to slide the orange plastic up to expose the space
where the card slot should be, but there was just a rectangular opening into the
machine. The card reader had been removed, and Giovanna's ATM card had dropped
down into the innards of the machine. The next morning we drove in again and
explained to the bank manager what had happened. He explained that they would
not be able to get at the innards of the machine until it was taken out for
service, which might not be for years. Accordingly, we decided to call the
customer service number on my card (for the same account at the same bank),
report what happened, and ask that her card be cancelled. However, we were
unable to dial the 800 number from outside the US. Later, when banks in the US
would have been open, we tried to get a number for our bank from directory
assistance, but could not find a US directory assistance number we could access
from outside the US. Finally, we called Giovanna's sister in New Jersey,
Silvana, who called directory assistance and got our bank's number for us. We
then called the bank and got the card cancelled.

The next morning, we decided to clear and clean the little courtyard behind the
house, which had weeds growing out of the joints in the pavement and a date palm
at the back with old fronds draped down onto the pavement. We couldn't find
proper tools, so I attacked the weeds successfully with an old steak knife. I
discovered that its serrated edge also made a good saw for sawing through the
fibrous base of the palm fronds. The base of the leaves, however, had long,
needle-sharp spines about six inches long, so I had to be careful. I was able to
take off three of the old fronds with only a few pricks of various parts of my
hands. Then I attacked the fourth frond. When I was a little more than half way
through the stem, the palm decided to fight back. The stem snapped and the stem
rebounded, stabbing the end of my right thumb with a spike, which then snapped
off at the surface of the skin. Giovanna found a pair of tweezers, but I could
not get a grip on the end of the spine -- it was now below skin level -- and
there were no sharp knives in the house that could be used to cut in to get at
the spine. Accordingly, we went up the road to a government emergency clinic.
The doctor there used a scalpel and large tweezers to extract the piece of palm
spine, which was about 3/8-inch long. The edges of the spine were barbed, which
made it difficult to remove. He then sterilized and bandaged the thumb and gave
us a bill for 15 Euros. Had we been in the US, we would have had to pay about
$350 for use of the emergency facility, plus $250 for the doctor, plus $50 for
antiseptic and bandaging materials. There was a catch, however. We could not pay
the doctor. We had to go to a post office and pay there, then bring a stamped
receipt back to the clinic within five days. We went to the post office, but the
window that accepts payments for government bills other than postal bills closes
at noon and does not reopen. That night we were to go back to Ragusa, so the
next morning we had to go to the post office in Ragusa to pay. That took about
1-1/2 hours because of the time spent standing in line. Then we had to drive
back down to the coast and give the doctor the receipt. We did that, and then
went back to the beach for another hour of relaxation before going back to
Ragusa to visit sick relatives.

While in Ragusa, we attended the confirmation of a cousin of our niece's (which
meant a dinner celebration afterwards at a good restaurant -- sort of like a
wedding dinner). A few days later, we attended the confirmation of our niece,
Mariangelica, which also meant a dinner celebration. In short, I was well fed in
Sicily and came home four pounds heavier. Fortunately, I had lost six pounds in
the weeks leading up to the trip to make ready.

We spent the last day in Amsterdam on our way home. We returned by way of
Amsterdam because there were more flight options for standby passengers than
there were going through Rome or Milan, where the flights were sold out. We
decided to take a day in Amsterdam, since I had never been there. It was much
cooler there, 59 deg F, when we landed in the late afternoon. The next day it
got into the upper 60's.

The Amsterdam news reports said that they were having
an unusually cold spring and summer due to global warming, which, of course, is
the fault of the US and in particular of George W. Bush, whose environmental
policies are promoting global warming because of American capitalist greed.

American Government is known to be controlled by the big US corporations and not
by the people.

We did a lot of walking on our one day there, as it is a very walkable city and
very attractive. In the morning, we did the Rembrandt exhibit in the museum. In
the early afternoon, after lunch, we were feeling sleepy, so we looked for a
good coffee shop/bar to get a cup of good espresso (something hard to find in
northern Europe). Starbucks has not made it yet to the Netherlands.

Finally we spotted a small storefront that said "Coffee Bar - 67 Varieties and
Blends Available". We went in. It had two tables with people smoking and sipping
coffee, and a stand-up bar. We ordered two espressos at the bar, and the man
behind the bar said, "Do you want to smoke?" I said, "No, we don't smoke -- we
just want coffee." It was then that the scent of the smoke penetrated my
consciousness (we were just inside the door, with a good breeze blowing in, so I
hadn't noticed before). The wall behind the bar was lined with shelves holding
tins of what I had first taken to be coffee. Now, however, I read the labels:
Acapulco Gold; Hash Dreams; Columbia Brown; etc. I didn't count them, but I am
sure there could well have been 67 different varieties of marijuana and hashish
for sale there.

We drank our coffee quickly and left. It was a sorry excuse for espresso, but
then I guess that the coffee was just an excuse for the bar. I tried not to
inhale while in the "coffee" bar ;-)

In the afternoon, we walked the historic centre of the city and then took a boat
tour of the canals. Amsterdam has as many canals as streets, I think. I really
enjoyed the canal tour.

If we had been able to spend more time in Amsterdam, we would have toured the
two large churches, both built in the 14th century but converted to Protestant
use in the Reformation (for which all statues and religious art were removed and
destroyed). We also would have visited the Catholic church that was secret
during the Reformation. It occupies what had been the top three floors of three
large city houses. From the outside, all one sees is three large houses. Inside,
the top two floors were removed to make a church. We would also have visited the
Ann Frank house, and the maritime museum, where we could have toured an East
Indiaman, the large armed commercial sailing ships used in the East India trade
in the 1600's and 1700's.

We'll have to go back some day.


William Arthur Wheatley, R.A.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Wheatley US Limited
2 Bala Plaza, Suite 300
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004-1501, USA
Tel. +1 610-660-7819
Fax: +1 610-667-8147
Tel. Direct to Mr. Wheatley +1 610-658-0579
Mr. Wheatley's Cell Phone +1 610 517 6666
Fax Direct to Mr. Wheatley +1 610-658-6318
Toll Free within the USA: +1 877-WHEATL-1

Anywayzzzzzzzzzz Guillermo
Hope youzzzzzzzzze
have stashed sum uv dat HASH DREAMS
fo' my ole' buddy Doowang.
He like to light it UP
on the head of a pin under glass
& kinda drank dat stuff
& den worry 'bout where hair
to have
growed on his body!

NOT ONLYzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

You ain't gonna believe this but YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO my two songs @

are not unimportant to me so I decided to print the lyrics
which I mostly wrote.


Is it high on the mountain
Or down in the limesink?
Are my days for the highway?
Will they go in a dream?
Will a man come & save me
or must I go under,
Or will my mind answer me
with the words I desire?

& Life Will Never Tell Us What Comes Further Along
So lay down sweet Sally & love your poor body
'cause a light in the tunnel just might burn your sweet smile.

I'll run like a shorebird
Who's looking for footsteps.
I'll harvest the dark times
I'll fly through the moon

I'll ask all the questions & not expect comment.
I'll live like the old ones and I'll die just like a child.

& Life Will Never Tell Us What Comes Further Along
So lay down sweet Sally & love your poor body
'cause a light in the tunnel just might burn your sweet smile.

I'll ask all the questions
& not expect comment
I'll live like the old ones
& I'll die like a child.

& Life Will Never Tell Us What Comes Further Along
So lay down sweet Sally & love your poor body
'cause a light in the tunnel just might burn your sweet smile.

Can't Be Too Fast

Think you got trouble with women;
Southern girls are fun but they're different.
Well, son, don't let your first one be your last.
Learn to walk before you run
Keep your eyes turned toward the sun
You can't be too fast for living
You can't be too fast for living
You can't be too fast for living in The South!

Now you feel somewhat neglected
By the South you feel rejected
Well boy don't let that face begin to pout
Keep on looking toward that sun
Crank your truck & load your gun

You can't be too fast for living
You can't be too fast for living
You can't be too fast for living in The South!

We're just a tribe of mothers & brothers
All sharing each others covers
We're all trying to stay in out of the cold.
While we're singing for our supper
We're trying to help out one another
Get a grip on where it's hard to take hold

Now your worryingzzzzz
just about over
The weight is lifted off of your shoulders
But you still need your booze and you need your grass

Cold white water & boulders
Brought you back home to your brothers
Your indignation seems a part of your past

Here you might scream
Wait a minute!
This is the South
& I'm living in it
Well, I think it's funny and it's true
You don't seem sane anymore
& you just can't find the door

You can't be too fast for living
You can't be too fast for living
You can't bee too fast for living in The South.

You can't be too fast for living
You can't be too fast for living
You can't be too fast for living in the South.

we used to go to WTVY's studio on Saturday afternoons and see the wrestling matches.
I was probably in the ninth grade. At one match, right after somebody had thrown somebody else out of the ring "right onto the hard, terrazo tile floor", as John Gauss always said, they announced that they needed a volunteer from the audience for a "wrestling demonstration."
The bunch of yahoos I was out there with volunteered me.
I had a new pack of Marlboros in my shirt pocket, which I didn't want flying out on television for everybody watching (including, most likely, my Daddy), to see, so I secretly handed them off to the guy sitting next to me, Farley Moody, and I got shoved into the ring.

Mario Galento stepped into the ring and I damned near passed out.
Ugly? Holy Cow! I'd never seen him up that close before. The ref took my specs and put them in his pocket and Mario shook my hand. Before I knew anything else, I was up in the air, flew straight over his head and landed on the canvas floor of the ring with a loud bang. It was like landing on feathers. I never felt a thing. The bang noise was made by Mario with his elbows or his knees as he came down on top of me. He helped me up, shook my hand again, and I exited the ring to loud hooting and applause.

I talked to Mario after the show, and he was a nice guy.
I never saw my Marlboros again.
Jimmy Dean

Sorry, y'all but

image courtesy of

I finally fixed the link on George McCorkle

Subject: George Has Passed

Alison and I are so saddened at the passing of our dear friend, George
He was a very gifted man.
A true Southern Rock pioneer.
Thank you Lord for letting our brother George be in our lives.
He has so enriched all of us.

Robert Nix
, Roy Orbison's Candymen, The Atlanta Rhythm
Alison Heafner...............
McCorkle Memorial in Nashville, Funeral to Be Held in Spartanburg

A memorial service and visitation for George McCorkle will be held on Sunday July 1, 2007 from 4:00-8:00P.M. at Carthage United Methodist Church (Church George Attended) 608 N. Main Street, Carthage, TN.This will be a service for George's Friends, Neighbors, and Nashville Associates.

On Monday, July 2nd George will be transported via Tour Bus for his last ride home to Spartanburg where he will be laid to rest with his family, Toy, and Tommy Caldwell.

There will be a visitation in Spartanburg from 9:30-10:30 AM on Tuesday July 3rd at

Floyd's Green lawn Chapel, 2075 East Main St., Spartanburg, SC.

Burial will follow at 11:00 AM at: Green Lawn Memorial Gardens, Spartanburg SC

Hey y'all:

Got another obit from my Mama & Daddy's generation this weekend.
Kathy emailed me that Jim Vickery, drummer for the Bill Farmer Combo, died recently.
I dug into the ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA vaults to find this:

courtesy of CUBA, ALABAMA
Sunday November 27, 2005

My mother, Kate, was a BILL FARMER COMBO groupie back in the day so I went through her papers tonight and found the November 10, 1976 Ed Driggers article in the Eagle, Bill's obit, the Eagle picture from "Bill Farmer Day" at the Elks Club, the Dothan Progress editorial "Bill Farmer, A Brave Man" and a picture of THE BILL FARMER COMBO in the MERMAID ROOM with Glenn Davis on piano, Bill Farmer on organ, vocalist Melannie Jones, Harry Stewart on clarinet and Jim Vickery on drums.

One of the photos has a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Andress. Andress played guitar for Bill.

I also have letters from Miss Minnie T. Heard, Miss Laura L. Ferguson and Miss Margaret McCall from 600 Dusy Street which made me cry my own handful this afternoon.

Anything ya'll can shoot my way will be appreciated.

Evahthang oughta be ready by the end of the week.


P.S. Here's a part of the Driggers' article:

The first band he played with was called the "Arabian Knights" and their theme song was "The Sheik" members included Harry Bedsole, Robert Morris, D.G. Farmer, Buddy Riley and Willie Coleman.

"We used to play for all the functions," Bill recalled. "At Dothan, Panama City, Port Saint Joe, and all around."

Some of the times he'll never forget were the weekend engagements at Long Beach, near Panama City. As a matter of fact, its casino used to be about the only sign of activity west of Hathaway Bridge. The rest was sand, sea oats and seagulls.

Back in those Depression days, Farmer explained, the band played at Long Beach for a percentage of the door. It would be Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and the band usually came home "broke and hungry".

"Mama would always have something cooked up," Bill said, "and I'd eat like I hadn't had a square meal since I left home-- and I hadn't!"

"Man, I wish I could get that hungry again!"

Another memorable place was the old BEE LINE CLUB.
It was "exclusive" and dancers twirled away the hours in the unforgettable "BLUE ROOM" as Bill Farmer and his band played on.

If ya wanna hear good music, go to

I wrote the lyrics to both songs
so hide & watch
& see what they do!


Yestiddy I got an email from this nice Jewish kid from Teaneck, New Jersey who's in town to write a paper on universities apologizing for slavery but also hitting on slave respirations.
You know what I talkin' 'bout-
The student is named Max Clarke & he goes to school at Northwestern located north of Chicago on Lake Michigan.

Man, I actually allowed myself to be deposed by THE LEFT!

All of his questions sorta went like "Shouldn't a descendent of one of the University's slaves qualify for respirations?"

"NO RESPIRATIONS W/O REPATRIATION" beeeeze all I could think.

Anywayzzzzzzzz , most of this sociology student's queerstions sounded like, "Isn't respirations the only path to peace between the races?"

You can imagine how that affected my high blood pressure.

My big ole red ass tomato face blew a lot into his tape recorder but what I didn't say is,
"If you think we Alabamians are pissed about a ubiquitous flock of illegal Mexicans stopping up our emergency rooms, start cutting checks for slave respirations to the recent immigrants from Ghana 'cause they qualify fo' they black hide."

Katrina ain't taught these worthless jokers a damn thing.
We in for it.

I did my homework on Max Clarke.


Apel, although not a transfer himself, also supports the continuation of the Transfer House and thinks that at the very least it provides a cohesive sense of acceptance for many transfers.

“I think it gives a lot of students a very quick sense of identity,” said Apel. “Like, ‘I’ve got a lot of friends who are going through the same thing I am, and I’ve got a place that I can be.”

The Transfer House may also help carve an identity for transfers that live in other dorms throughout campus. Max Clarke, a transfer that lives in nearby Lindgren Hall, says the Transfer House serves as a physical center for the entire transfer community.

“I think having a community for transfer students is better than not having a community for transfer students,” said Clarke, a sophomore. “Even if that is a flawed group, even if that community has issues, I think that any community is better than none.”

Before the Transfer House was created, the university had simply paired transfers together as roommates and sprinkled them into various campus dorms. The Transfer House was then formed four years ago after Northwestern’s Kappa Sigma fraternity vacated the building.


My name is Max Clarke, and I am a student from Northwestern University contacting you in the hopes of setting up an interview.

I am at the University of Alabama conducting research on the interplay between apology and reputation in American universities. Essentially, I argue that the university acts in a fundamentally different way than other institutions when offering apologies, and thusly has to be evaluated and analyzed differently. Over the course of my research, I have examined three case studies: the University of Alabama, the University of North Carolina, and Brown University because of their different strategies for dealing with apologies for their historical link to slavery.

In the hopes of developing my research further, it is my goal to gain a rich understanding of the debates at these three schools. Based on your blog 'academicshitheads', I think that your perspective is particularly valuable to understanding the issue at Bama.

Might you be free this weekend, or next week?

Feel free to contact me via either phone or email. I will accommodate your schedule.

I look forward to hearing back from you,

Max Clarke

Northwestern University, Class of 2009


Offenses against Slaves

On October 5, 1835, in Monroe County, Thomas P. Kennedy, accompanied by Daniel Coleman, shot a slave named Primus, who belonged to George Roll. According to the trial record, Kennedy used a pistol loaded with buckshot. He hit Primus a few inches above the rectum, creating a mortal wound one-half inch wide and six inches deep. Coleman was indicted for murder, which required malice and forethought, but convicted of manslaughter. His attorney called for an arrest of judgment because the indictment had been for murder. Furthermore, he claimed that Kennedy, not Coleman, killed Primus. Judge Collier upheld the conviction. State v Coleman, 5 Porter 32 (1837).

An overseer named Flanigin whipped Jacob and beat him with the whip handle. Shortly thereafter, Jacob died. The physician who performed the post mortem stated that the body evidenced stripes and blows inflicted "with great violence," which, altogether, could have caused death. The judge instructed the jury that they could find Flanigin guilty of first degree murder, which carried the death penalty, or second-degree murder, which carried a minimum prison term of ten years. The jury found Flanigin guilty of second-degree murder. Flanigin's attorney objected that the charge to the jury implied that the judge considered the prisoner guilty of first degree, but would be satisfied with second degree. On appeal, Judge Collier affirmed the conviction. State v Flanigin, 5 Alabama 477 (1843).

William H. Jones of Perry County beat Isabel to death. The state brought a common law indictment for murder, convicted him in the second degree, and sentenced him to ten years in prison. Jones' attorney argued that the indictment did not conform to Chapter III, Section 7, of the penal code, which covered the murder of a slave by the master. Judge Ormond upheld the conviction on appeal. He noted that there was no difference in principle between Section 7 and the preceding section, which embraced murder by an overseer. Neither section created an offense unknown to the common law and neither inflicted a greater punishment. Hence they were not statutory offenses and could be framed at common law. State v Jones, 5 Alabama 666 (1843).

While intoxicated, Eskridge chastised the slave Maria, who picked up an ax and told him to come no closer. He went inside and returned with a shotgun. When she moved away to the side, apparently in retreat, he shot her in the leg. The leg had to be amputated. He confessed the crime to the doctors who came to perform the surgery. Judge Chilton ruled that the prisoner could be tried for mayhem under Article VI, Section 3, of the Constitution, which made unlawful the malicious dismemberment or killing of slaves. In this respect, both slaves and freemen were "on the same footing." Furthermore, the court said the confession was valid, even though the prisoner was intoxicated at the time. It also ruled that a master could use whatever forces necessary to subdue a slave, but could not threaten life and limb "unless impelled to such by an act of necessity." Finally, the court remanded the case because the charge had failed to clarify whether or not the slave belonged to Eskridge or his wife. Eskridge v State, 25 Alabama 30 (1854).

A Lowndes County grand jury indicted Randall Cheek for the mistreatment of his slaves, which carried a $25 to $1,000 fine under Section 3506 of the code. Specifically, the indictment charged him with failure to provide adequate food, clothing, and medical care. Cheek's overseer testified that by the summer of 1858 no meat remained on the plantation. The defendant offered to prove that in December 1858, he had butchered thirty-two hogs to feed the plantation, but the court did not allow this evidence. For this reason, Judge A.J. Walker reversed and remanded the decision. Cheek v State, 38 Alabama 227 (1862).