Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hey y'all~

I'm planning on heading south out of Tuscaloosa Wednesday afternoon.

Looking forward to hanging out in Panama City until Sunday.
I want to try to go out to Shell Island for a long hike.
I'll might get a ticket on the Ashley Gorman
or take the Shell Island Shuttle but I'm open to suggestions.
Back in the 80s, Gelly & I used to rent a boat, motor & trailer from U-Haul in Panama City for $14 a day and put in @ The Tyndall Officer's Club but them days is over. (Just found out my son is gonna let me borrow his kayak so I'll get out on Lake Powell, too.)

I've already heard from Brian Smith.
He and Dallas will be playing The Treasure Ship Thursday & Friday so my plan is simple: I'll be @ Happy Hour with The Acoustix
and have a nightcap @ THE NO NAME.

Hope to see some of y'all soon!


image courtesy of
Looking forward to watching SEX IN '69 on The History Channel Monday night.

Talked to Anthony Bratina of The Tuscaloosa News @ The Pub
about getting the word out about Sturdivant Hall & Gaineswood.
Sturdivant Hall in Selma is arguably the greatest Southern antebellum mansion in the country and Gaineswood in Demopolis has arguably the most ornate & beautiful rooms of any antebellum mansion in the country.

1936 image of the interior of Gaineswood courtesy of the Historical American Building Survey
click on SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL for more drawings and photos

I've spent one morning at Gaineswood and then traveled to Sturdevant in the afternoon. What a glorious heritage you experience when you visit these two buildings.
I love Jesse G. Whitfield's recollections of Gaineswood written in 1938 and his observation: "Some of the most expert men with the trowel I have ever known were of the Negro race, some of the best carpenters, and the ability to use tools deftly lifts a man far above the savage."

Check out magnificent Sturdivant Hall by clicking on this YouTube clip:


Got an email from Al Kooper requesting Buddy Buie's address. I received this message from Buie today:
"Kooper sent a copy of 'Conversation' [Buie-Cobb] which he cut on Ricky Nelson. It has never been released.I loved it."

I'm finally getting pictures from my son, Christopher.
Here are the first two but now I got tons more to put up on the Web.

Christopher's friend John

Greetings Earthling - I come in pieces
You just might be the answer to a long standing there any way to find the Beaverteeth or the first ARS albums? I had a vinyl copy of both, but they were destroyed in a fire, and they remain on the short list of favorites that I've not been able to replace. HELP ME!!!!!!
My name is Edgar Brimer, and I was involved with the band, HYDRA - do you knw Mackie? he worked with us too.

........not at all sure why these links are not "hot", but you can cut/paste them and they will take you to mine and the bands pages.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

I remember Hydra playing Solomon's at the intersection of University Boulevard and Wallace Wade here in Tuskeeloosee.
I'm blasting out your post to all the citizens of ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA, tonight so maybe you can get some bites.


No joke.
Share your reminiscences.

On any Google subject just put "robertoreg" on there with it &
Zero, NW FL pop up.


I googled "Kalantan" and your site came up. There is a photo of Kal and the image of her is through the courtesy of Jim Lancaster. Do you know if he has any more photos of her?
I'm trying to find as many photos of her as I can. I met her through her husband at the time.
Thank you for your consideration,
Danny Holley


I've got an ad somewhere for a club in Nashville where she performed that has her picture on it. I hope I haven't lost it.

I'll forward this to Jim.

Man, she was built!
I mean she had a set of lungs on her.
What's her story?


image courtesy of Jim Lancaster
Kalantan was the one of the first exotic dancers Finley Duncan hired to perform in Duncan's Bar & Restaurant in Valparaiso.


Most superb!
Enjoyed every moment of it.
Took my gal to see West Side Story @ the Alabama Shakespeare Theatre about this time last year so I remember the songs.
Great parody.

Subject: Michael McCarty Reception at Cafe Thirty-A
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 23:08:13 +0000

Come one, come all, to a reception honoring Artist of the Year Michael McCarty on Wednesday, July 29, 5-7 p.m. Café Thirty-A will provide hors d’oeuvres and $5 Martinis and Wine. Please RSVP to me via email reply or call Café Thirty-A (231.2166 ext. 1) or Debby Pozza at the TDC (267-1216).

Thanks so much! See y’all there!


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