Friday, June 25, 2010

Today Lee bought a book called ROBERT EDWARD LEE- Soldier, Citizen and Christian Patriot. It was published in Richmond in 1897 & it's 592 pages.

It's gotta Captain Catesby Ap R. Jones article in it. It's called THE SERVICES OF THE "VIRGINIA" ( "MERRIMAC") .

It's on page 538 & there's an editorial note datzzzzzzzzzzz sezzzzzzzzzzzzzz:

(The following deeply interesting, narrative of the gallant and accomplished executive officer of the VIRGINIA was prepared for the Southern Historical Society, Richmond, Va., not long before his lamented death)

Let me know if you're interested.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey F.----
Paul H. just called. He loves the plan. Wants to come down and sit in with you guys on a tune and said he could just do that or he could stay onstage at the keyboards and sit in for the rest of your set. He asked if I could send him your song list so he could pick a song to sit in on, so I am passing that along to you. He said he never got to play in Dothan back in the day and thinks this will be great. I told him that if he stayed on stage and filled in Young David could switch off to the guitar for a bit. Could be a lot of fun, Notnat. Time is a big problem. We are pretty much limited to 7 PM to 9 PM to allow Buddy and the writers to have the time to do their thing and end this before everybody nods off-----
Jimmy Dean

"James was a good guy. I learned how to play at the Flamingo club. We played 6 nights a week and he paid us $10.00 a piece each night. He said he was going to give us a $10.00 raise so he added another night."

Greetings Roberto,
my Fellow N*gga 'Nockin Ninja!
Enjoy the blog as usual(esp. the Chips & Buie stuff) But I just fwd,d you about Kevin Scott (our bass playin' boy) and I put him Fri. & Sat. nite @ Grand Central which is now "The District" ;
I'm still livin' in the past I guess but I wanted to make the correction!
Wish you could come down. Sat. w/Grant Green Jr. will probably be the Highlight but I'd approciate's it if you'd put it on yo' Venerable Blog!
Dave A(P.S. lookin' forward to City Fest!).


to me
show details 9:47 PM (4 hours ago)

Ah yes - thanks - I had sent several emails out in my search and got some of the names mixed up.
I did email Sami with a "should be good" address from a friend, but have not heard back yet.
Dayuma is alive and well. As spunky as ever!

Thursday morning I went down to Rammer Jammers, a cafe next to Bryant-Denny Stadium, to have my favorite breakfast in the entire world, Gary's three egg All-American Omelet with ham, sausage, bacon, peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese inside and out.

As I relished my one meal for the entire day, I saw the headline on Cal Thomas's editorial in the T. News: RECONCILIATION, NOT REVENGE, SOLVES ISSUES

After reading one sentence I knew that the major motion picture that Cal was describing was based upon the life of the mother of one my Ecuadorian friends, Sam Padilla.

The movie is called END OF THE SPEAR
and I was right: it is about Sam's mother. Back again to the old adage "Be careful what you wish for"... As all of you know, I gripe and gripe about Hollywood not giving attention to my pet projects. Well now they have. I haven't seen the film but I got the impression that the dream merchants have "produced a monster even its creator could not control."

I'm not going to pass judgement right now but I do want to tell you the story of how I met Sam Padilla.

Sam was one of the pioneers of "ethnic tourism" in Ecuador. Seeing as how his headhunting uncles had murdered 5 missionaries in January of 1956, Sam was uniquely qualified to introduce curious gringos to head shrinking.

In 1984, I returned to Ecuador after a ten year absence in order to attend the inauguration of their first and probably only pro-Republican President. While in Quito, I attended a book fair sponsored by the Russian Embassy. Among the tons of Marx, Lenin, Che, Mao and Fidel propaganda, I found a beautiful book published in Barcelona entitled MAGIA EN LAS AMERICAS. In the book the author takes you on a tour of voodoo, zombies, psychic surgery, Santeria, witch doctors, drug cults, etc. etc. He concluded that the strangest thing he saw in all of his travels was the family of Sam Padilla.

About a year later I returned to Quito and was sitting in a German bar. At the end of the bar sat Sam Padilla, the headhunter. Not being shy, I approached him and said in my best Spanish,"Perdon, senor, conoce el libro MAGIA EN LAS AMERICAS?"

Sam replied in perfect English with a hint of a Southern accent,"I'd feel a lot more comfortable speaking English." Thus began a three year relationship with one of the most extraordinary men I have ever met.

Here's the type of conversation I'd have with Sam.
"Sam, this is the wierdest shit I have ever heard of in my life. Ya'll take the ayahuasca, bang on the drum and sing. The Jaguar God comes out of the bushes, sniffs on everybody like an old dog and then you all SEE THE SAME FUCKING THING!"

Sam replied," What's so strange about that? How else would we agree on anything?"

Thank goodness for the miracle of the Internet! I contacted Fran Karttunen whose book BETWEEN WORLDS details the story of Sam and his mother Dayuma. What follows is her reply to me.

To give you an idea of the zombie state of the typical professor and student in the modern university, Fran's book has been sitting on the University of Alabama shelf since it was purchased in 1994. Until tonight, this book which details the lives of about a dozen of the most important interpreters who ever lived, had been checked out once and returned two weeks early. Not only is there a chapter on Sam's mother entitled RAIN FOREST WOMAN: DAYUMA but there is also a chapter entitled OVER THE CONTINENTAL DIVIDE: SACAJAWEA. Ironically, the actess who plays Dayuma in the movie also played Sacajawea in a PBS program on Lewis & Clark.

Type Dayuma into Google and you get 646 hits which go all the way back to 1956. Now she has been discovered by Hollywood.
Can't wait to see the movie.

Re: Found You While Googling "Sam Padilla" and "Dayuma"
Sat, 21 Jan 2006 09:56:20 -0500
"robert register"
On Jan 21, 2006, at 4:28 AM, robert register wrote:
> I found out about this END OF THE SPEAR movie last week and started
> searching the Net for information on my old buddy Sam Padilla. I
> haven't seen him since 1987 and I was wondering if you knew anything.
> best,
> Robert Register
Robert Register

I'm sorry to say that I don't have anything recent. When my book was
published in 1994, Dayuma was still liiving. I was prepared to have
continuing contact with/about people who had helped me with the book,
but it didn't happen. I was a bit surprised, but eventually I moved on
to a project in another part of the world. That project took five years
to complete, during which time I myself became a bit inaccessible.
If you haven't seen it, Between Worlds: Interpreters, Guides, and
Survivors is still available. I think is offering it, and
it can be borrowed through interlibrary loan. There's a beautiful
photo of Dayuma in the book, one that hadn't been published before, as
far as I know.
Fran Karttunen

spent the weekend partying @ THE CANCELLATION OF CIVILIZATION SHRIMP FESTIVAL @ Rod Nockers dock in Bayou La Batre. We sang them old OIL GUSHIN' BLUES, BP GO HOME & DON'T LET THE GREEN GRASS FOOL YOU.

Gregory Spies
I got them oil gushing blues. . .not a damn thing us little people can do. . . damn it man!

Robert Register
Greg, since you commented on my Facebook post, I'm assuming you survived the Cancellation of Civilization Shrimp Festival @ Rod Nockers. I don't think the BP guests appreciated it when we pulled our shirts over our heads & told 'em,"We got our hazmat suits ready, Boss!" while Terrell changed the lyrics to THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS & sang "We fired our guns & BP kept a coming"

Girl, try to remember
When we didn't have no shoes
We stuck together, just me and you
It took a long time, to get what we got today
Now ya wanna give it all up for another guy

Baby, I'm tellin' ya
Don't let the green grass fool ya
Don't let it change your mind

It's gonna be hard for me, baby
Build my life all over
Because baby, you got the love
That I really need, really

'Cause if you leave
Leave me this way, baby
You know what?
I may not live to see a brand new day

Oh baby
Don't let the green grass fool ya
Don't let it change your mind
You know why?
It may be greener on the other side, baby
But right in my arms is where you belong

(short instrumental)

Umm, mmm
Ooo-ooo, baby

Don't let the green grass fool ya
Don't let it change your mind, oh baby
It may be greener on the other side, baby
But ooh, right in my arms is where you belong, baby
Gotta feel it

Don't let the green grass fool ya, baby
(Don't let it change your mind)
Aaahhh-hey (greener on the other side)
Don't, don't let it fool ya
Baby, in my arms is where you belong, yeah.

Robert Register
Shoot man, we need to get Terrell some action on the Internet. Man, he's got that great Little River hit SH*TTIN' ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY & he changed up SWEET HOME ALABAMA & sang "Watergate does not bother me, does THAT OIL GUSHER bother you?" He changed up some other stuff like SOMEWHERE MY LOVE,too,& then he screwed up that country tune GOD IS GREAT, BEER IS GOOD BUT OBAMA IS CRAZY!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Believe me, we are shooting this violation of the copyright law directly to Dedra Grizzard because the original typescript of this column would be a superb addition to the Bryant Museum.

from the Sunday, March 2, 1986 issue of THE TUSCALOOSA NEWS

ATLANTA- My mother complains when I go for a long time without calling her. She says when I call it makes her sleep better. But I get busy and forget.

That is not uncommon, I suppose, when our parents no longer play the integral roles in our lives they once did.

I was at Point Clear, Ala., recently, speaking to a group of South Central Bell executives. At dinner, some of us were swapping stories about the Bear, Alabama's late, great football coach, Bear Bryant.

A gentleman who handles the advertising account for South Central Bell was recalling when Bryant was hired to do commercials for his South Central Bell account.

"What he was supposed to say at the end of the commercial was, 'Call yo' mamma,' as only he could say it.

"But we were shooting, and he just ad-libbed a line. He said,'Call yo' mama' and then he added, 'I wish I could call mine.' "

"We never would have asked him to do something like that, but it worked out perfectly."

One of the Bell executives carried the story further.

"Soon after the commercial began running," he said,"my secretary came in and said there was a customer on the line that just had to talk to me."

"I was pretty busy, but I figured if she were being that persistent, I should talk to her."

"When I got her on the phone, she asked 'Are you the one responsible for the Bear Bryant commercial on television?"

"I sort of wanted to ask her how she liked it before I took responsibility for it. But I said,'Is there any problem'

"She replied, 'Gracious, no. But I just wanted to tell you a story:

'My husband and I were sitting watching television the other night, and we saw that commercial for the first time. We were very moved when Coach Bryant said, "I wish I could call mine."

'I got right up and called my own mother, and we chatted for a few minutes. I forget to call her sometimes, and she gets worried about me.

'My husband's mother is still alive, too. I asked him why didn't he call his mother, and he went straight to the phone and called her.

'They must have talked for 45 minutes. I'd never known him to stay on the line with anybody 45 minutes, much less his mother. They talked about old times, and he told her how much he loved her.'

"I said to the woman," the executive continued, " that her story was really heart-warming and I appreciated her passing it on.

"She said, 'You haven't heard all the story yet. Less than an hour after my husband hung up from talking to his mother, she died. He never would have had that conversation with his mother if it hadn't been for Coach Bryant's commercial.' "

The other guests at the table sat quietly when the man finished the story. Then, a woman spoke out and said,"God, that makes me want to get right up and call my mother."

It made me feel the same way. It was late when the dinner was over, so I had to wait until the next day to do anything about it. We had a nice talk.

I don't have to hit you over the head with the message here, do I?


This message unites us.

Robert Register Support The Arizona Defense Fund By Purchasing a "WE WILL PROTECT OUR
BORDER" T shirt.

Ann Howard Adams via - Panama City Beach News and Information: Looks like the oil has finally reached the west end of Panama City Beach where we have rented a beach house for the week of July (arriving July 3) - Carillon Beach. But we're still going and I hope other tourists will also keep their plans to go. The people who have businesses on the Gulf make their living during only a few months of the year. And summertime is their peak time. They are cleaning up the tarballs as quickly as possible and hopefully they will be gone when we arrive. My heart goes out to the people who have businesses on the Gulf and who have homes and vacation homes there.




No one Here's Ever Seen Such Large Mozaics