Thursday, April 19, 2007

It Came In Through The Bathroom Window: CSI TUSCALOOSA

I'd already crawled underneath the entire length of the four apartment complex on Peanut Hill and only found two cat skulls so I was ready to blow off the tenant and go on to my next nightmare.

She insisted that the odor of decaying flesh was coming from around her bathtub caulking. I checked it out and damn if she wasn't right. There was a real whang coming out from around the shower controls.

I went inside the tenant's bedroom & popped off the access panel to the bathtub. I was immediately surprised to see a pile of rolled up plastic grocery bags stuffed around the the water pipes supplying the tub. Aiming my flashlight, I looked over toward the space between the tub itself and the cast iron wall of the tub which is exposed in the bathroom. Sure enough, there was the possum's tail.

I told the tenant and immediately the six people of all shapes and sizes who occupied the apartment were out in the parking lot hollering,"It's a possum! It's a possum! Don't let out! Kill it! Clowe dat goddamn dough!"

I told them I didn't know whether the possum was alive or dead but that I'd nailed up the access panel and closed the bedroom door. I assured them that I would return as soon as I got the equipment I needed.

I had an old paint respirator at Archie's Whorehouse

but I decided that this was an excellent opportunity for the company to buy me a new respirator & and a new pair of hazardous chemical gloves. As I drove to Ander's Hardware on 15th Street, I reflected on my situation. I was almost positive the possum was dead but who know's, maybe Bro' Possum hauled some k'yarn into his nest & he's just wallowed up in there stinking. I knew I had to be prepared to catch a live possum because if that possum got away, Pake Realty would be paying for motel rooms for THE HYSTERICAL until the possum was eliminated.

Our tenants don't mind gunfire or dead human bodies laying on the curb but they showl be scared of green lizards, rats and possums.

When I returned, I took a pair of channel locks and tried to pull the possum's tail. The hide pealed off so I knew it was dead and that I'd have to cut into the wall.

I took my square and drew me an access hole & went to work with my jigsaw. After I popped out the panel of drywall I faced the steel mesh used to put the tile grout on. I used the jigsaw to cut through the mess and then I had full access to the possum nest which was located inside the space between the outer wall of the tub & the cast iron tub itself.

I lined the floor with newspaper and pulled the late Bro' Possum out and deposited him inside a garbage bag lined can. The nest itself was made up entirely of rolled up plastic grocery bags which caught all the hide and maggots that flaked off when I pulled the body out of the nest. I cleaned out the nest and it completely filled a kitchen trashcan with rolled up plastic grocery bags.

So that children is how I started my Friday The 13th.


The next day was the crawfish festival so I got to hear some good bands and eat pounds and pounds of crawfish, new potatoes, corn on the cob and gumbo. Hugged Topper Price's neck and got to see Candy Shines rock until she got rained out.

Now I'm in the process of preparing for my trip to Dothan next week. I plan to arrive on Friday, April 27 & on Saturday, April 28 I want to drive over to VP for the Grand Reopening of Playground Recording Studio.

Sunday, April 29 will be my 57th birthday and I plan on spending it on Dauphin Island.

Got two phone calls from Gloria Jane and Buddy Buie yestiddy and they were having a ball. They were driving down St. Charles Street in Mobile in they new Cadillac looking for Oakleigh
They told me they were planning to leave there to visit Magnolia Cemetery
and Bellingrath Gardens.
They are on a week long vacation which will take them to New Orleans and Cajun Country around Bayou LaFouche and Bayou Teche.

MUCHAS go out to Rockin' Rodney Justo for sending us Steve Alaimo's version of "EVERYBODY KNOWS". Eventually I'll figure out how to save it and attach it to emails.

Got this email from Dothan's Jimmy Dean:

El Roberto----
I can't believe it----I just found a CD with "Ever'body Knows" on it. It also has "Satin and Lace" and "Ladies Man" on it. I think I got them from our keyboard player, Bubba Lathem, a couple of years ago.
"Everybody Knows" was released right after the James Gang was put together by Buddy Buie in October of 1964.

I talked to Buddy today on the phone and he remembers it and even sang it to me, just like he did back then. Yep. Just like he sang it back then. You see, there is a deep dark secret here.

Buddy was the singer on that song, along with John Rainey Adkins, the co-writer. All three of these songs were actually written and recorded before the James Gang was formed. They were done by Buddy and John Rainey. Obviously, Buddy sent the tapes around and United Artists liked them and released the songs on their Ascot label.

Bubba now refers to them as our "
Milli Vanilli" songs. At the time, the idea was to just get a record contract and do what you could with it.

We atoned for this right afterward by recording and releasing "Georgia Pines" and later "The Right String Baby But The Wrong YoYo", along with other songs that kept us playing around the South.

Tell Deb she is right on with the lyrics. Amazing anybody can remember anything from that far back!

Jimmy Dean

Here's an email about "EVERYBODY KNOWS" from Dothan's own WILLIAM WHEATLEY!

Dear Robert,
I remember the song well, although I had forgotten most of the lyrics. It struck a chord with me. At the time, I was in love with a girl in Dothan from the class behind mine. I had been in love with her for three years, but had never dated her. I never told her I loved her, which is why the song resonated. When I would get up the nerve to talk with her, I would learn that she was going steady with someone, and I'd back off. Then I'd work up the nerve again, and learn she had broken up with him, but was now going steady with someone else.


Thanks for you and your ninjas help in the votes to get Alison Heafner to the finals in the Rock Q103 Great Unsigned contest. She took the stage last Saturday and took first place! She now plays the Memphis in May Beale Street Music Fest
on the BIG stage in front of 100,000 plus on May 6th!!!!
Alec Baldwin has asked her to perform at Turning Stone New York on May 12th at his mother's Black Tie Gala (A Night To Remember)
Let's Bite The Ass out of the MOON!!!
Robert Nix............................

Please forward this alternative to Alabama State Senator Hank Sanders' APOLOGY FOR SLAVERY RESOLUTION to your Alabama State Senator or Representative:

WHEREAS, I am a citizen of the greatest state, of the greatest nation
of the history of the world; and

WHEREAS, my ancestors reached these shores prior to my memory, and
prior to the memory of ancestors with whom I have had communication;

WHEREAS, I am largely unaware of the means and conditions by which my
ancestors reached these shores, except through hearsay and conjecture;

WHEREAS, I am uncertain of how many of my potential ancestors may
have perished in their passage to these shores; and

WHEREAS, I am largely unaware of the conditions under which my
distant ancestors lived, or how they were treated, except through
hearsay and conjecture; and

WHEREAS, I do not trouble myself with these issues, as they have
little bearing in my life, except as a matter of historical interest;

WHEREAS, my state and nation offer me unbounded opportunity, not from
the past, but for the future; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, that I thank my Creator, my state, and my nation,
that my ancestors arrived on these shores by whatever means, and
under howsoever much difficulty; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, I am aware that, without this great
Providence, I may have been born in Uganda, or worse still, France.

A Link To Senator Sanders' APOLOGY FOR SLAVERY:


Hi, Robert,

You probably don't know me but I played with several bands
in the 70s and 80s (lead guitar) with folks from Dothan....
Lamar Alley, Larry Coe, Larry Holmes, Jerry Stenson, Billy Gant,
Bill Hanke, Roan Campbell.... just to mention a few.
Most of the bands I was with were road bands and
didn't spend much time working in Dothan.

One of the first local clubs I worked at was the Oasis
on highway 84, with Roger Dye and Frankie Davis.
Norman Andrews was working just down the road at another club...
can't recall the name....old age I guess!
The other local club I played was the Flamingo on 231 south,
later to become Cowboy's.
Robert Dean sent me your address....
said you talked about many of my old friends.

I was up at Bill (Willie) Akridge's Farewell Party a few weeks ago. Really great to see some of the old gang! Please add me to your mail list. I live inTallahassee, now, and work for the State of Florida.

Have a great day.
George Cheshire

& last but not least,yesterday on his website
Ken Babbs, second in importance only to Ken Kesey in Tom Wolfe's book
THE ELECTRIC KOOL-AID ACID TEST, used the quote I sent him from Dougie Bailey's DEVIL MAKE A THIRD
along with my recipe for OYSTERS ROBERTOREGAFELLER. Check it out!!!!


Get 'em in by midnight. I've often thought, now that we've legalized gambling, why not take it the next step and legalize drugs. Then go all the way and legalize prostitution. Money to be made, coffers to be lined, wars to be supported.

" Tobe, Come here an' sit down," Buck said, reaching for a pad and pencil. He looked up as Tobe straddled the chair in front of him.

"How many Whorehouses in town?"

"Five," Tobe said, quickly.

"I want a list o' those places. Names of the owners. When you get that, we'll get together an' reckon up what each of 'em can stand in taxes."

"Tax the pleasure palaces?"

"Hell yes." Buck said, and his eyes got to snapping with excitement. "Here we are givin' them police protection, streets, schools, an' a brand-new fire truck, an' they ain't payin' a dime. Legal places are totin' the whole load."

"Taxin' the girls don't seem right," Tobe frowned. "More like pimpin'"

"Hell, it ain't us," Buck said, "it's the city."

Tobe raised his eyebrows and stared at Buck. Slowly, his face relaxed, and he began to laugh and slap his knees. "That's the ticket," he said, " I can just see little old Ed Reddick collectin' taxes from Josie's Hollow Horn Girls. Fussin' at 'em when they want to trade it out."

Buck stood up and slapped his hands together. "We'll open a new account," he said, "private, An' stick ever' dollar we collect in it. Then we'll pay it on the city's debit till we come out."

-- submitted by Robert Register from the book, DEVIL MAKE A THIRD by Dougie Bailey, the story of Buck Baker, mayor of Dothan, and condensed for the website.

Skypilots. If you have a good recipe, send it in.


Shuck a bunch of oysters and put 'em in a bowl inside a larger bowl filled with ice.

Take the big shells that lay flat and wash 'em good.

But a piece of rilly superb homemade butter in each shell.

Fill the shells with oysters. Two, three, however many the shell can take.

Sprinkle some Paul Prudhome Seafood Magic or Blackened Redfish Magic on the oysters along with some black pepper, lemon juice and little Tabasco.

Put a little gob of what I call "Gulf Coast Pesto" on top of each shell. You make this however you want but the best way is to put spinach, artichoke hearts, celery,green onions, jalapenos, mustard greens [whatever you want!] thru a food processor.

Crumble up some microwaved bacon on each shell and sprinkle 'em with Parmesan.

Dredge all of the shells with the crumbs from crushed garlic butter croutons. {homemade is the best}

If ya got extra $, stick a little crab meat on 'em but always cover 'em with some good sliced off cheese
THEN stick 'em on the grill!

Best, RR


Sunday, April 15, 2007