Thursday, November 20, 2008

MD said:

I'm gonna go! I pray to GOD that if it's His will that we will keep going to another city; in another city. But whatever IT takes... And you're in the line of fire, too! If you go, you're in the line of fire,too! GOD'S NOT playing! THEY aren't either. There's a war there. Forces and powers...
that we talked to Brittany... You're going to have to carry yourself in a certain way. There's
LUST MONEY . You can feel THE SPIRIT OF RAPE. You can feel THE SPIRIT OF INCEST. You can feel THE SPIRIT OF THE CONFEDERACY. You can feel those forces and powers have got a hold of these people. And one flicker of light they come. ONE! Just ONE little piece of food they come! OH MY GOD! When I saw Joanne that last day when we came in and I told her," Joanne, God's telling me to buy a house there. God's telling me that what we're gonna do is that we're gonna have a clothes and food drive and we're gonna build a storehouse and we're gonna feed God's people there." We might build a daycare. God, I laid out this strategy and when she saw me we hugged.
Right there in the restaurant. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RESTAURANT!!!! This African-American lady that's got a BIG MOUTH and this WHITE MAN that's got some courage and we stood there and hugged. We didn't have to say anything. SHE KNEW IT! She knew it. I don't know that there's ANY White Person who she's EVER said that she loved. EVER...
Because she sees. We DON'T have to come. You see understand now the airport. She thought she was coming because of her. We didn't bring her here to speak to us. We came here to LOVE her... to show her the beloved community. She understands. She understands. She's ready to go to bat for us. She's put her reputation on the line. She is. She locks those doors at night because there's DANGER even in that neighborhood but we aren't gonna stop. Nothing can separate God's love from these people...not the police force on the other side of this bridge and not these spirits that are there... not these spirits. They cannot. They cannot overpower God's love. His truth. The only way He overpowers it is that if we're not WILLING TO DIE! If we're not willing to sacrifice and GIVE EVERYTHING UP!!!! That's the only way the enemy's gonna win. If we sell out... But we ain't selling out, Matt. WE AIN'T SELLING OUT...Mike. We're not selling out. I told you one time I was going across the lake but don't let me go across the lake without y'all in there...with y'all shooting at me. We need to be in the boat together. THIS BOAT...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Famunda All Stars


Melanie Rose

Live it up


Listen to The Famunda All Stars songs at

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey y'all~

Woke up Sattiddee hung over like a big dog.

My buddy's phone call from Biloxi woke me up.

"Hey, we ain't even got a car. You want the tickets?"

"Fo' sho'!"

"They're in the right hand drawer next to the computer in an unmarked envelope."

"Muchas, bro' "

I then proceeded to perform The SSS Maneuver in less than 20 minutes & I was off to my absolutely favorite place TO EAT ALONE:

I sat at the bar & had the Surf & Turf w/ 'shrooms & fried onion petals while reading both papers and the new issue of Rolling Stone. Roy got named #13 GREATEST SINGER OF ALL TIME & DYLAN said he had the voice of a "professional criminal". (I know that warms the cockles of the hearts of our YOUNG JUNIOR BABY CRIMINALS )

photo courtesy of Frank Gaines at Gaines Photo in Dothan

I had two seats on row 12 of the North East End Zone so I was right down on the field. When Arenas broke through the wall I yelled at the top of my lungs (ed. note: My Cloverdale Gang name wuz "LUNGZZZZZZZZZ"),

That kid was looking at us going nuts during his entire run and THE MOMENT
he crossed the goal line he stopped, put the ball down and gave us a big smile.

I wanna shake that cat's hand one day.


It was the preacher's last sermon at the church. His sermon was about what he'd done during his tenure. He talked about how many he baptized and how many he buried and then he talked about one cat he was gonna miss and he almost cried. Man, it hit him like a bolt of lightening!
It beeze dat wayzz sometime...
'Nair nothin' but a thang,
hangin' by a strang

Down by the Burger Kang

Turned out to be a SUPERB WEEKEND!!!!

Gonna go ahead and send Larry my check for the DHS MULTI-CLASS REUNION Sattiddee nite.

I've gotta go to a formal Friday night (I got so many invitations this season I had to get a tux!)
but I'm pretty sho' I can make it to NutPatch the neck day.


Bill Hanke is almost correct.

Yes, "The Strangers" are playing this Saturday, November 22, 2008, in Dothan, but not for just "a" class reunion. It is for the first-ever Multi-Class Reunion for the Classes of the Sixties. Formally participating are the Classes of '61, 62, 63, and '64, with a few stragglers from other classes.

The event is open to all, so y'all come!

Anyone interested, please contact either Larry Pittman (Class of '61 and Chairman of the Event) at I am co-chair with Sherry Russell Hufham for the Class of '62.

The event will be at the Dothan Conference Center out near the Dothan Airport. The event starts at 6:00 pm for cocktails, 7:00 for a good barbecue dinner, and about 9:00 "The Strangers" start. Before The Strangers, a CD of Sixties music put together by Paul Flowers will be played as background music/dance music.
The price is $35.00 per person, including dinner (but the bar is a cash bar).

Y'all come, all o' y'all old farts!

Let's have some fun!

Reply immediately if you plan to come and FedEx your check to Larry Pittman (when you reply, either he or I will give his address) because we have to give the caterer a good count.

William Wheatley

There's going to be an informal gathering of a few Dothan folks who happen to be in PC before the 60s reunion in Dothan who will be gathering at Uncle Ernie's at 11:30 for lunch on Saturday.
William Wheatley (and wife Giovanna) who contributes some to Robert Register's blog is coming from Philadelphia for the big Reunion and is going to come to lunch with us in PC. A neighbor of ours, also from Dothan, Jack Gillard (built golf course communities ) and his wife Barbara is also coming before they go to the reunion in Dothan.
I thought you might want to join us and invite other "old Dothan" folks in St. Andrews who might also want to come. I'm also zapping this to Robert just in case. William does remember Porter Thrower, but I called Porter and got no answer.
I hope to see you soon.
Sharman Burson Ramsey

take the stage!!!!!
{David Adkins, Larry Coe, Buddy Burke, Frank Tanton, Jimmy Dean, WILBUR}

thought you might be interested in this idiotic picture. This is the last reincarnation of the Webs, the one that played at the Old Dutch in 64. From left to right: Larry Coe, Bill Ackridge, Wilbur Walton, Jr., Bruce White, Jimmy Dean. We weren't actually wearing our pants up around our chests--those are cummerbunds. This photo was taken in 1964 at a club in Atlanta called Pigalley, and they made us wear those stupid clothes, including the cummerbund. Buddy made us play there so we could learn "stage presence". All I learned was how to sneeze thirty times a minute. The joint was totally covered with two inches of dust dating back to the depression, which was our mood while we were there.
I'm still trying to think of a way to get Buddy back for this.

Jimmy Dean