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An excellent '97 San Francisco Examiner article about Carolyn Adams Garcia, a.k.a. Mountain Girl

Casting The Acid Test : Part 2

"robert register"
Fri, 22 Jul 2005
Amanda Madison used to say, "Sometimes you don't recognize the devil until he has his hand in your pants."
And that was when I knew that any friend of the devil was a friend of mine.
to be continued ...

Fri, 22 Jul 2005 16:11:43 -0700
"robert register"
"Zane Kesey"
Re: Research For The Upcoming Motion Picture: THE ELECTRIC KOOL-AID ACID TEST

i always wanted james woods as cassady...but...he is old now!

At 03:52 PM 7/22/2005, you wrote:
Hey, I'm gonna pitch the capn on starting a contest to cast the characters. While I was cutting grass today I thought about Keanu Reeves or Matthew McConahay as Babbs & Russell Crowe as your Dad.

Zane Kesey wrote:
whew....we are hoping to do it before mr wolfe does!!!
never get off the bus...and keep 'em on their toes!
At 12:03 PM 7/22/2005, you wrote:
Not that I know uv, I just made the shit up.

Zane Kesey wrote:
One someone doing "Research For The Upcoming Motion Picture: THE ELECTRIC KOOL-AID ACID TEST"
Thanks...stay on the bus!
zane k

"robert register"
Re: tonight!
Fri, 22 Jul 2005 17:04:20 -0700

I liked Jack Nicholson's line in Good as it Gets: Go sell crazy somewhere else, lady, we're all stocked up here.
Keanu, Matthew McCon. and Russell Crow? Damn. Too bad Indiana Jones is as old as he is. He'd a made a great one for Babbs, but I don't see Harrison Ford riding shotgun. He usually drives. Keanu is just a pretty face unless he's doing an evil part. He has a penchant for those. You thought about Johnny Depp? Now there's a versatile actor.
MG? There was someone in a movie a while back who looked remarkably like Carolyn when she was younger. Let me think and I'll get back. Forget Brittney. I hate all these goofy kids running around pretending that they're big stars after doing a couple of Friends episodes.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Hey ya'll:
This information hit the newspapers yesterday, July 20, however, readers of "Cuba, Alabama" got the straight dope on June 30! Remember where you got this first!!!!:

How do I say this?
Since Tuesday night, the word around here is that the President of University of Alabama,Robert Witt, is splitting the sheets with his wife, Anne. Word is she's building a lake house and Robert will stay at the third floor apartment at the mansion.
According to my sources, Robert is about as bland as you can get. He only wears a charcoal suit with standard striped tie or a blue blazer with charcoal pants and a standard striped tie. LISTEN TO ME, PAUL FINEBAUM! I have now established the WITT WATCH! I know about the drop dead gorgeous temptations who will sit around Witt's dinner table down the boulevard at The President's Mansion this next fall. Let's watch for a change in wardrobe. How 'bout Hawaiian shirts or tie-dyed T-shirts with jeans. Never know. Be on the watch.
Next thing ya know that GIRLS GONE WILD bus will parked next door to Rose Administration Building!
best of The 4th!!!!!!!!!

Rita from Reka has taken my challenge and has begun to share her reminiscences of THE BIRTH OF THE PSYCHEDELIC ERA! You old heads are gonna dig this!

from July 20:
Back to my aunt Wilma, she lived in Oakland, Oregon, and was my designated foster parent when the state of CA relieved my mother of the burden. Dad was drying out at the VA in Honolulu. I went back to the Bay Area to stay with another aunt, Jeff's mom, one summer. When they put me on the bus I had on eyeliner, a pleated skirt and angora sweater, tights and a beret. When I came back, I was wearing a Pakistani bedspread and lovebeads and not much else. Some friends brought me back up to Sutherlin and I called Aunt Wilma to come get me at the bus station, that being the place where I asked to be let off. Thinking I'm calling from Teal's house, Wilma says, "Don't come back up here now, the hippies have come to town. I just saw them. They're driving an old Pepsi truck and they crossed out the Pepsi and it just says 'Say Please' on it!" That, of course, was my friends on their way up to Kesey's near Springfield.

from July 5:
As for Ginsberg and Cassady, I met them both, fell in love with Cassady. 'nuf said.

from July 5:
My dad was a big fan of Kerouac's and when Kesey came along he was added to the list. When he found out I was a Prankster groupie he came all the way back from Hawaii to meet them. I took him to an acid test one night and he came away sadly disappointed. He said the Pranksters were cretinous and Kesey was annoying. The problem was he neglected to drink the kool-aid. He regretted it for years.

from July 7:
I was just thinking about another time my dad and I went with some friends of mine in an old bread truck over to Kesey's place in La Honda. When we got there everyone was involved in some kind of a spaceship role playing game and they were letting people out of the house on tethers. My dad got Kesey to sign a book for him. He enjoyed that more than he did the acid test.

from July 10
The first time my dad ever smoked a joint was one Saturday night in Yuma Arizona. We were sitting on the floor watching Don Kirschner's Rock Concert. Before he knew it Old Dad was rocking back and forth, gettin' down to the beat. He looked up briefly and said in a monotone voice to no one in particular, "I'm finally beginning to understand rock."
Your friend from Tampa Bay must have been a trustworthy sort. I don't let anyone tie me up unless they use toilet paper.

from July 17 :
I remember the Day the Music Died. It was the '68 Democratic Convention. Wow. What a wake up! They wouldn't let you off the street even if you had a hotel key in your hand. They just herded everyone into a mob and beat the shit out of us with clubs. Never thought I'd see hate like that in the eyes of my own countrymen. Talk about the end of the Summer of Love! I didn't do much of that later on and I'm glad. The CIA probably has a packet on me that looks like a phone book.

from July 17:
I was at a lot of those parties and acid tests. In '65 I was staying at my Aunt's in Alameda or Oakland. My cousin, Jeff, who is blind, was with me. What year was Altamont?
I was at the one where Jerry Garcia's first wife drew little pictures on you hand so you could get back in. Later the Pranksters copied it and gave readings as well. Don't remember the years. Maybe I'll ask Jeff.

We were at Altamont on acid when the shootin' started. Everything got reeeeeeaaaaaalllll ssssslllloooowww. Damn. We were right up front, too. The next thing I knew I was pukin' in the parkin' lot. I thought he was going to have to drive us home and that would've been bad. All the way back he kept saying, "you're doing fine, you're doing fine." What did he know. He's blind. And the car was on it's side and all the mannequins in the windows of the strip malls were go-go dancing. Oh god. I thought I'd die. We stayed up all night and to cheer ourselves up decided to drive on down to San Bernardino County to Crestline, which now is a pile of ashes.

Nobody hired the Angels for bouncers. They were supposed to help with parking and get free beer. They aren't cops and they don't police anybody or anything. Jesus. What lies. And Wikipedia,no less!

No it wasn't MG[mountain girl:ed.]. She came later. I remember MG. I think the girl's name was Sarah or something like that. Don't remember. Yes, MG's daughter is named Sunshine and Zane doesn't sell the book. I'm looking for a copy, tho, and hopefully, I can get Babbs to have her sign it. MG showed up the night we painted the bathrooms in the Longshoremen's Hall with day-glo paint. The cops were unplugging the amps and she was running along behind them plugging them back in. We were all just ripped and I couldn't stop laughing from the Kool-ade. A couple got into a fight and the guy left and somehow the girl was up onstage trying to find him. She kept saying his name in the microphone and they would distort the sound so that it echoed all through the hall and everyone started saying the guy's name. God. My ribs hurt just thinking about it. There was another time, or maybe it was that time, who remembers, when Cassady, the driver of all vehicles, directed whomever was driving the bus, to back into a stop sign and knock it over. Some old women were walking up the street and Cassady was miming like he was trying to hide the downed stop sign behind his back. oh god. I'm laughing too hard.

I heard from my friends that MG showed up on the dock when they were going to go scatter Jerry's ashes. Debra wouldn't let MG on the boat and Sunshine said, "Come on Debra, she's my mother," or words to that effect. And Debra said, "Are you sure?" God. Talk about the C-word. I think I'd kick Debra's ass if I ever saw her. One of the guys, Bobby maybe? tried to jump off the boat because MG couldn't come but it was too late. Poor MG. I always liked her. She was my favorite Prankster.

Wavy Gravy! *What we have in mind -- is breakfast in bed for 300,000!*
Wow. My second ex husband was there. I took the brown acid beforehand and couldn't get into the van when my friends came by for me.

I used up the last of the Batman party paper sending my grandson a great picture of Jerry Garcia and another pic of the house at 710 Ashbury St. that I took when I visited my daughter on a trip we all took to Santa Cruz. I think I love the Dead and Airplane and those guys so much because they were ours and we all grew up in the same neighborhood. Went to a yard/garage sale on the corner of Haight and Fillmore -- the only reason I stopped was because I used to live there and the bottom floor, which is a garage for parking everyone in the building, used to overflow with Harleys. Those were the days, my friend, the wine-drinkin', pot-smokin' , acid-droppin', partyin'-yer-ass-off-and-livin'-to-tell-about-it days.

from July 19

Many moons ago, a bunch of us were coming back from Big Sur in an old van that was falling apart. About two years ago, I got into an argument with some friends who also were there, over who was driving. Then we started betting money on the whole thing and it got to be quite a tidy sum. They said Babbs was driving. I said it was another guy named Biker Bob. Everyone sided against me, insisting it was Babbs. I was off work and hadn't signed up for my early soc.sec. yet so I contacted Babbs and asked who was driving. He said it was another Prankster cohort named Page Browning. Here's the story:
Coming back from Esalen at Big Sur -- I think that was the time I met HST [hunter s. thompson: ed.] -- something about clubbing a wild cat to death with a hammer sounds familiar -- and we were in an old van with only a driver's seat and bad brakes. We were taking turns sitting up front riding shotgun. I was the most likely because I fit and had some padding on my ass at that time. The passenger seat either was a metal tool box or maybe a big ice chest. We all had beers in one hand and a joint in the other. We'd been making chains out of those pop tops that come off beer cans and I decided to make a headband, which I was wearing at the time. Because many of us were caravanning, we were following someone else down the mountain when all of a sudden, someone up front stopped and everyone else had to stop suddenly. I, of course, with my metal headband, went flying into the windshield, spilling beer everywhere. I came sorta to, and turned around and looked at the driver through the blood flowing down my face. He said one word:
"Jesus." I said something like, "Hey, yeah, man, really." The driver then said, "No, man, you look like Jesus!"
Babbs remembered the conversation as occurring in a pickup. I think it was a van because I remember turning around and talking to the other people over my left shoulder -- and of course, passing the joint -- who were sitting with their legs extended behind me.
At any rate, I won all the money because my friends didn't remember who I'd thought was driving, only that it wasn't Babbs. So I used the money wisely and signed up to be a skypilot.
What are you in for?


and last but not least, a wonderful reply from DOTHAN'S OWN LIVING LEGEND OF ROCK 'N ROLL, BUDDY BUIE!

Re: Hey Buddy Buie, What Happens When The "Spooky" Little Girl From The Sixties Goes Goth.....
Fri, 22 Jul 2005 09:53:58 -0500
"robert register"

I like your "goth girl" idea. "Spooky" is becoming one of our biggest
copyrights and I'm always searching for new ways to exploit it. What
about this? We put Hillary Clinton's head on a sexy goth girl and at
the end of the video a right wing vampire sucks the blood from her
rock on,

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Gloria and Buddy:
I listen to The Oldies Station every morning while I'm shaving and yesterday "Spooky" came on and I thought about a 2005 version that could be either rock or country. The video would feature a "goth girl". There are plenty of "goth girl" images on google.
Thought you might be able to use the idea so I'm passing it along.
Robert Register

Sunday, July 17, 2005

You know I hate to call this crowd negligent but negligent we be.

These 2005 anniversaries are important because they instantly turn the spotlight on a space in time. We already missed calling attention to the 40th anniversary of Kesey's La Honda Pot Bust last April and not only that some of you who witnessed that event have misplaced your notes.{naughty, naughty}

We have a duty to preserve our heritage and prevent it from sinking into the oblivion of that big black parking lot of the Wal Mart/Time Warner MegaCenter located in East Hell, New Jersey.

October 7 marks the 50th anniversary of Ginzburg's reading of HOWL at 6 Gallery in Frisco, December 7 will make 50 years since Rosa got busted in a front seat of that bus in Montgomery and December 8 is sadly the 25th anniversary of the day John Lennon passed away.

Thanks to kind folks at ,
I have compiled a list of the events which will have their 40th anniversary in the coming months.
In closing, please remember that many of you knuckleheads witnessed these events so please be sweet, take a few prescious moments out of your busy day and share your reminiscences with ole roberto.

Aug 07, 1965 (Saturday) Merry Pranksters Party With Hell's Angels.
Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters throws a huge party at their La Honda cabin and invite the San Francisco chapter of the Hell's Angels.

Event: First Rock Dance Concert. Saturday, October 16, 1965.

Short Note: Produced by the Family Dog at the Longshoreman's Hall.
Long Note: The first rock dance concert ever held took place under the sponsorship of the Family Dog at the octagonal meeting hall of the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union near Fishermen's Wharf. It was billed as "A Tribute to Dr. Strange," and featured the Jefferson Airplane, the Charlatans, the Great Society, and ?the Marbles [who later metamorphized into the Loading Zone]. A light show was operated by Bill Ham.

Oct 24, 1965 (Sunday) Family Dog concert. More InfoThe second Family Dog rock dance concert was held at ?the Longshoremen's Hall. It was called "A Tribute to Sparkle Plenty."

Nov 06, 1965 (Saturday) Family Dog dance concert. More Info
The third Family Dog rock dance concert was held at the Longshoremen's Hall. It was called "A Tribute to Ming the Merciless." The Mothers [who later added "of Invention" to their name] played it.

Reference/Source: (Charles Perry, The Haight Ashbury: A History (New York: Random House/Rolling Stone Books, 1984), 28-30.)

Nov 27, 1965 (Saturday) First Acid Test.
The first Acid Test was staged by the Merry Pranksters at Ken Babbs' book store in Santa Cruz. It featured a light show and projections of some of the forty hours of film shot on the 1964 bus excursion [and referred to simply as "The Movie"]. (Augustus Owlsley Stanley III had been introduced to Ken Kesey in September 1965.)

Dec 04, 1965 (Saturday) Acid Test.
The second Acid Test was held at "Big Nig's" house in San Jose. It featured the Warlocks band (future Grateful Dead), a light show, and was attended by some 400 people.

Dec 11, 1965 (Saturday) Acid Test.
The third Acid Test was held at the Big Beat night club in Palo Alto. It featured the Warlocks band (future Grateful Dead), a light show, and Stewart Brand's "America Needs Indians" slide show.

Dec 11, 1965 (Saturday) Acid Test.
The third Acid Test was held at the Big Beat night club in Palo Alto. It featured the Warlocks band (future Grateful Dead), a light show, and Stewart Brand's "America Needs Indians" slide show.

Dec 17, 1965 (Friday) Acid Test.
The fourth Acid Test took place at Muir Beach Lodge near Mt. Tamalpais (after being advertized for Stinson Beach). This was the largest one to date in terms of attendence.

Jan 08, 1966 (Saturday) Acid Test.
The fifth Acid Test was held at the Fillmore Auditorium. (Another one -- the sixth? -- took place sometime this month in Portland, OR.)

Ca. 13-18 January 1966 Kesey Sentenced. More Info
Ken Kesey is sentenced for his conviction in the April 1965 arrest case for possession of marijuana, receiving a six-month jail sentence and three years of probation.

Jan 19, 1966 (Wednesday) Ken Kesey Busted.
Ken Kesey is arrested in San Francisco a second time for the possession of marijuana. He subsequently jumps bail and flees to Mexico, trying to mislead law enforcement authorities with a faked suicide note.

21-23 January 1966 Acid Test and Trips Festival.
The seventh (?) Acid Test was held at the Trips Festival (Friday through Sunday) which took place in the Longshoremen's Hall, San Francisco. The Festival was a joint effort of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, Stewart Brand (who showed his "America Needs Indians" slide show during it), and Bill Graham (who handled the business arrangements). Augustus Owsley Stanley III was a financial sponsor of the event: He purchased amplifiers and other electronic equipment for the Grateful Dead to use in playing there (and thereafter) and also donated LSD which he had manufactured for free ditribution at the event.

Reference/Source: (Charles Perry, The Haight Ashbury: A History (New York: Random House/Rolling Stone Books, 1984), 44-45. Lou Gottlieb, a former member of the folk group, The Limelighters, and future founder of the Sonoma County commune, Morningstar Ranch, in his regular folk music column for the San Francisco Chronicle (Tue. 18 January 1966), promoted the upcoming Trips Festival as being "of major significance in the history of religion.")

Jan 29, 1966 (Saturday) Acid Test.
The eighth (?) Acid Test was held at the Sound City Studios in San Francisco.

February 1966 Bill Graham changes careers.
Bill Graham resigns as business manager of the San Francisco Mime Troupe in order to devote himself full-time to the business of acid rock concert promotion, initially at the Fillmore Auditorium.

Feb 06, 1966 (Sunday) Acid Test.
The ninth (?) Acid Test was held in Los Angeles (and called the "Sunset [Blvd.] Acid Test"?). It featured the Grateful Dead.

Feb 12, 1966 (Saturday) Acid Test.
The tenth (?) Acid Test was held at the Youth Opportunities Center in Compton, CA., which is on the fringes of Los Angeles' Watts ghetto. Some 200 people attended.

Mar 01, 1966 (Tuesday) Kesey Sighting.
Herb Caen reported that Ken Kesey is in Mexico, but "he'll be back."

"Cuba, Alabama" wishes to thank the folks at for this information