Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kinda looks REAL, don't it?!

I like the idea of Sons of Confederate Veterans Motorcycle Gangs going by the name "MECHANIZED CAVALRY".

Alabama Secession Banner of 1861 gotzzzzzzzzzzzz rattlesnakes in the cotton patch! Reminds me of that old BLUE BUG that's killing all the cotton in Mississippi & it's headin' our way! That BLUE BUG is bad! It stings the blossom. Bites the boll. Pulls up the stalk & sh**s in the hole!

The Colonel & Steve Hope @ the reenactment of Jefferson Davis' inauguration @ the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery. This Associated Press article is disgusting. Not only is there NO REPORTING on the event but they misspelled "canons" in the description of the worthless photograph along with describing Jefferson Davis as "president of the confederacy". I hope I live long enough to see THE ASSOCIATED PRESS go out of business.

THE HIGH TIDE FOR STEVE HOPE @ THE T. NEWS! Front page color shot on Sattiddee, July 15, 1978!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Here's an April 25, 2006 Phil Paramore interview with Buddy Buie on Dothan's WOOF that pretty much kills Updyke's lie about seeing a newspaper article about Auburn students celebrating Coach Bryant's death:

Buddy: Glad to be here. I listen to you. I read your column and it's a pleasure to be here to talk about the great Bear Bryant and just to say,"Hello!"
We have some mutual friends. I wonder if old Fred Moody's listening. You think he is?

Phil: I don't know if the former Boomer's proprietor is up and stirring yet or not but we're rolling tape on this so we'll feed it down his throat a little later on!


Let's talk a little bit about this song,"The Day Bear Bryant Died."
The first time I heard it, I have to tell you, I just sat there with my mouth open, couldn't help but hearken back to that era when he died. Oh, by the way, just a little background information.
I was a senior at Auburn. I was a sports columnist for the student newspaper at that time and actually got to write the Auburn perspective of Coach Bryant's death and the neatest thing to be the school that he wanted to beat the most. Yet on that day it was almost as if a pall fell over even the Auburn campus. The grief and the respect that this state had was really, I think shown in the outpouring of emotions as the funeral procession wound through near Birmingham. It was a gripping time in this state, wasn't it?

Buddy: It certainly was a gripping time for me. I was up in Atlanta at Lake Lanier outside Atlanta. We were writing songs for an upcoming Atlanta Rhythm Section album and the procession...
Bear had died. This was in January of '83. Bear had just died and ,matter of fact, this was the day of the funeral procession and Keith Jackson with those dulcet tones, I mean, My Goodness! It gripped us.
Usually I tell...
Everytime someone asks me to tell this story, I'll say,"I wanna explain something to you. It's a myth that songwriters write from pure emotion. Like you see a sunrise and write,"Oh,What A Beautiful Sunrise!"
It doesn't work that way. You get an idea and you form it but this one wasn't written that way. This was written from pure emotion. We just put away...
We had an upcoming deadline to cut a record but we started this song there because that brought tears to our eyes and like you said, you know, one of the lines in this song is "The nation cried!
Friend and foe alike!"
I'm glad you alluded to that. I know you being an Auburn man, that interests me.
It'd be like Shug Jordan. You know I had that same feeling with Shug.

Phil: Well, you know, I guess Coach Dye being so beloved at that time. He had just snapped a long nine game losing streak to Alabama yet had the consumate respect for Coach Bryant. He basically had gotten to where he was in the coaching profession because of Coach Bryant's tutelage and his influence and help with him in hhis career and he sort of imparted the message to the Auburn family, "Look, there's nothing good about this. We have lost a true legend and a guy who has been a major influence on me and I, in turn, have tried to impart that wisdom on this program and I building a foundation off what I learned from him so let's all be aware."
This guy was our most bitter rival and as you know Coach Bryant's staunchest axioms was,"Beat your opponent, help him up and respect him when the game is over."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

FROM THE ARCHIVEZZZZZZZZZZZ: Stabler's old Town & Campus Apt. F 2-3 in '72. Posters on the wall l. to r.: some Mississippi River Mud Island Rock Festival Poster from La., THE BAND, THE BAMA JETHRO TULL POSTER w/ the chick's butt sitting on a Coke case.