Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hi Robert,

Just a few notes on Playground for your site. Although we're not officially open Playground has been rockin' ! We keep the "Closed" sign up all the time.. on purpose.

We are assembling a "House Ryhthm Section" and have been cutting some great stuff. The foundation of the section is drummer Fred Dumalot who worked a lot of sessions in 80's at Playground. The new stuff we are cutting sounds great.

We have found some success in Europe with our reissue called "Soul Resurrection" which includes tracks by many of the soul artists who recorded here between '69 and '89. There are some tracks on this compilation by artists who were backed by the "Dothan Guys". All the tracks that the Adkins Bros. are playing on are great. The actual release date of "Soul Resurrection" is Feb. 21st.. although there are disc jockeys in England who will begin spinning the disc this weekend
for more info go to

I am thinking that our next compilation will be some of the Gulf Coast bands who recorded here, many of which came from the "Wiregrass" area. Concrete Bubble, StrawDog, The Truths, I believe were from the Dothan area. Some more that will be included will be H.Y. Sledge a pre-Outlaws band.. Some form of the Zombies...and some more that I can't think of right now. I do invite, again, anyone who might have recorded here during the early 70's to contact me for publishing info or ANY info. Sure don't want to leave out anything important.

We also have 2 soul acts that will record here before April. Ralph "Soul" Jackson, from Pheonix City Al. who is a soul "Shouter" for lack of a better term and we are accepting material for potenial recording.

The fabulous Roscoe Robinson is also scheduled after Ralph. Again we are accepting material submissions for Roscoe.. just listen to some of his past records to know what kind of songs to submit.

Interested parties can submiit material to
101 Westview
Valparaiso, Fl. 32580
or email

Just a "Shout Out" to all of my Alabama friends.. let's keep the roads between Dothan and Valparaiso open

Jim Lancaster
Playground Recording Studio

Friday, February 16, 2007

photos courtesy of John Earl
THE HAIGHT HUT: 1420 University Boulevard (present location of Hamner Real Estate) Scene of owner Bud G. Silvas' .22 calibur suicide on the afternoon after receiving an indictment from the Tuscaloosa County Grand Jury for the first LSD bust in Tuscaloosa history on October 4, 1968.

Hey y'all:

Great week out here in the world but the thing on my mind right now is whether I'll be able to tack these John Earl pictures on the Internet.

Now that google owns blogger we gonna see if the boss put his money where is mouth is!
First thing I learned is that I can't position pictures where I want 'em so I'm robbin' for these next uns:

Pimps and Hos Party at the Demopolis Hotel for Mr. Jim Bird's 80th birthday

I got one more John Earl picture to put up and then I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Oh Hell, now I figured it out! Herezzzzzzzzzzzzzz the big picture!

Pimps & Hos in Demopolis

One mo' ole John Earl shot from HALLOWEEN '80 when I auctioned off THE CHUKKER!!!!

Chukker Halloween Auction '80: robertoreg, Rick, Igor????, Mark, L.C.

Let me see if there's anything else out here in robertoregspace I wanna share wid dah world.
Oh hell yeah!!!!! Went to see Tinsley Ellis last night!
Tinsley BE Dah DEAL!!!!

Still plan to be in Dothan nek Friday , the 23rd, to see Percy Sledge , the Tams and the Swingin' Medallions

& OF COURSE, Monday February 19, 2007,
marks the 200th anniversary of the day that the long arm of the law touched Aaron Burr right here in present-day Alabama


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Click here to hear Alison Heafner sing DESIGNATED LOVER on Long Island's WBAB-FM HOMEGROWN Valentine's Day tribute

Sunday, February 11, 2007

If you click on the below URL links you will find websites for My friend Harris Beber is a founder of the company and has made arrangements for there to be a special "Baldwin Bouquet" for Valentine's Day. A portion of all sales will go to my mother's fund - The Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund.
When you are thinking of your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, etc... know that if you purchase them one of these lovely bouquets of roses or tulips or candy or gift baskets - a portion of the proceeds will be going towards a very worthy cause.
Thanks for considering my mothers fund and please pass this along to all of your friends!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!
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photo courtesy of

Hey, DADDY MACK, 'preciate the boost!

I really like what I'm doing right now. I keep 4 by 6 index cards in the Exploder and use a red Sharpee. As stuff hits me, I jot down a key word while holding the index card on the top of the steering wheel. Then when I get home, I take out a notebook and set up a log and patch in all the key words from all the cards I can find strode all over the floorboards & between the seats of the Exploder.

That sets up the chronology that becomes the backbone of my narrative.

Came up wid dat on my own damn po'-ass barefooted rebel son of a bitch SELF!

The page that's up there right now at
is as good as any I've posted in FOUR YEARS.

It is hard for me to believe but all the important details of four entire years of my life are now preserved on the Web forever.

I luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure you check out the Heeey Baby Days podcast at

Hey and come to that Percy Sledge/The Tams/The Swingin' Medallions Concert in Dothan on the 23rd and I guarantee you I'll have you a nice place to crash in Dothan and a nice place to crash in Dauphin Island and a nice place to crash in Tuscaloosa.

I wanna ride around Pensacola wid chew and listen to yo' stuff!